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This file contains character (or code point) sets (or classes)
* Structure
The file contains a JSON object with following name/value pair:
sets [protocol-object]
The value is a JSON object whose names are character set names and
values are JSON objects with following additional name/value pairs:
chars [string]
The list of the code points in the set, represented in following
The first character is "[" and the last character is "]". Any
character between them are character in the set except for "\"
with some following characters, "-", "^", "[", and "]". If
there is a "-" character between two characters, any character
whose code point is between code points of them are also in
the set. Characters "\u{" followed by a code point followed
by a "}" indicate that the character is in the set.
Characters "\u" followed by four hexadecimal alphabet indicate
that the character whose code point is equal to the
hexadecimal number is in the set.
label [string]
A short English string describing the set.
suikawiki_name [string]
A page name in SuikaWiki.
<{name}>, where {name} is a
percent-encoded value of this field, is the URL for the page.
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MJ文字情報一覧表 変体仮名編 | 文字情報基盤整備事業
* License
You are granted a license to use, reproduce, and create derivative
works of the JSON file and this document.
Per CC0 <>, to the
extent possible under law, the author of the JSON file and this
document has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to
the JSON file and this document.
The JSON file contains data extracted from Unicode Character Database.
Copyright © 1991-2014 Unicode, Inc. All rights reserved. See
<> or
The JSON file contains data extracted from HTML Standard. "Written by
Ian Hickson (Google, - Parts © Copyright 2004-2014 Apple
Inc., Mozilla Foundation, and Opera Software ASA; You are granted a
license to use, reproduce and create derivative works of this