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Web::URL::Canonicalize - Perl URL Canonicalizer
These Perl modules parse, resolve, and/or canonicalize URLs in the
same manner Web browsers do.
* Perl modules
- Web::URL (lib/Web/
- Web::URL::Encoding (lib/Web/URL/
- Web::URL::Parser (lib/Web/URL/
- Web::URL::Scheme (lib/Web/URL/
- Web::Origin (lib/Web/
- Web::Host (lib/Web/
Deprecated API:
- Web::URL::Canonicalize (lib/Web/URL/
- Web::DomainName::Canonicalize (lib/Web/DomainName/
- Web::DomainName::IDNEnabled (lib/Web/DomainName/
- Web::IPAddr::Canonicalize (lib/IPAddr/
* Dependency
Perl 5.8 or later is required. Latest version of Perl, which supports
latest version of the Unicode Standard, which can affect
canonicalization of domain names, should be used.
The |Web::Encoding| module and related modules from the
perl-web-encodings repository, which is a submodule of this
repository, are also required.
* Distribution
Latest version of these files are available from the Git repository:
- <>
* Author
Wakaba <>.
* License
You can use, modify, or distribute these files. See license terms for
these files for more information.