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About Project Oscar

Project Oscar is a Drupal development environment, in a jiffy.
It provides a stack of installed and configured services, and all the tools you'll need to get building sites straight away.

What do you need?

Project Oscar requires:

What does Project Oscar provide?

  1. A Drupal VM
    Provides a web server, database, Drush, PHPMyAdmin, and local tools.
  2. A services VM (in progress, coming soon!)
    Provides Solr and Graylog2.
  3. A test VM (in progress, coming soon!)
    Provides a test platform for running Selenium and other browser-based tests.

Getting started

  1. Preparation (you only need to do this once):

    • Install VirtualBox.

    • Install Vagrant.

    • Download Oscar's base box.
      vagrant box add oscar https://github.com/downloads/manarth/oscar/project_oscar.box

      Right now, this URL assumes working from the dev build of project oscar.
      Future stable releases will be published on a separate URL.

  2. Project preparation:

    • Choose a directory to work in.
      We'll use ~/Development/drupaldev in this example, and assume this directory
      does not yet exist.
    • mkdir -p ~/Development/drupaldev
    • cd ~/Development/drupaldev
  3. wget https://raw.github.com/manarth/oscar/master/Vagrantfile
    curl https://raw.github.com/manarth/oscar/master/Vagrantfile > Vagrantfile

    This is a replacement for vagrant init oscar.
    This creates a file in the working directory called Vagrantfile, which
    contains the instructions for Vagrant to build the oscar environment.
    The wget command is used instead of vagrant init, because the default
    Vagrantfile only contains a single box instance, whilst Oscar uses 3.

  4. vagrant up
    This starts the build process: creating the VMs defined by oscar, and
    provisioning them with puppet.

Working with Oscar

Explain how to use vagrant ssh, control Oscar with the new (and not-yet- published Drush commands to build vhosts/drupal environments), etc.