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-C++ Gold Parser Engine (c) 2002-2003 Manuel Astudillo
+C++ Gold Parser Engine (c) 2002-2010 Manuel Astudillo
This library is distributed under LGPL license. Please read file src/COPYING for
more details about license terms. Read also WHATSNEW for the latest improvements
for this version.
The latest version of this library can be donwload at:
- In the same adress it is possible to find
+ In the same adress it is possible to find
some more documentation and news.
This gpengine is a free work not supported, nor involved in any way in the
development of Devin Cook's Gold Parser Builder utility. For questions regarding
the builder please use the Gold Parser forums at:
For questions, comments, bug reports or feature requests
regarding cpp-gpengine please use the facilities available at sourceforge's
-For personal contact email at:

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