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import os
def pairs(l):
return [(x,y) for i,x in enumerate(l) for y in l[i+1:]]
def make_graph(lines):
graph = {}
def add_axis(x, y):
if not x in graph.keys(): graph[x] = [y]
elif not y in graph[x]: graph[x].append(y)
for line in lines:
for x,y in pairs(line):
for adjs in graph.values():
return graph
def get_k3s(graph):
k3s = set()
def add_cycle(a,b,c):
cycle = [node, adj, third]
k3s.add((cycle[0], cycle[1], cycle[2]))
for node in graph:
for adj in graph[node]:
for third in graph[adj]:
if (third != node and third != adj and third in graph[node]):
add_cycle(node, adj, third)
return k3s
def filter_lines(k3s, lines):
for a,b,c in k3s:
if not any([a in l and b in l and c in l for l in lines]):
yield (a,b,c)
def solve(lines):
graph = make_graph(lines)
k3s = get_k3s(graph)
return ([t for t in filter_lines(k3s, lines)], graph)
#lines = [['A', 'B'],['A', 'D'],['A', 'C'],['B', 'C', 'D']]
lines = [['D', 'G', 'E'],['A','D','B'],['A','E','C'],['D', 'H', 'J', 'C'],['E','H','I','B'],['A','G','H','F'],['B','F','C'],['D','I','F'],['E','J','F']]
(solution, graph) = solve(lines)
print 'Grafo: '
for node, adjs in graph.iteritems():
print ' ' + node + ': ' + str(adjs)
print 'Triangulos: ' + str(len(solution))
for t in solution:
print ' '+ str(t)
print 'Triangulos: ' + str(len(solution))
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