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Emacs application framework
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What is Emacs Application Framework?

Emacs Application Framework is a development framework, where developers can develop any PyQt program, and integrate into Emacs.

This framework mainly implements three functions:

  1. Integrate PyQt program window into Emacs Frame using Xlib Reparent technology
  2. Listening to EAF buffer's keyboard event flow and controlling the keyboard input of PyQt program via DBus IPC
  3. Created a window compositer to make the PyQt program window adapt Emacs's Window/Buffer design

Using this framework, you can use PyQt to develop powerful graphics programs to extend Emacs.

Screenshots of EAF

Browser Markdown Previewer
Image Viewer Video Player
PDF Viewer Camera
File Transfer File Uploader
Air Share Org Previewer


  1. Install python dependences:

    Make sure python3 and pip has install in your operating system, then execute below command:

    sudo pip install dbus-python PyMuPDF grip qrcode pyqt5 python-xlib
  1. Clone this repository and add below code in your ~/.emacs
    (require 'eaf)

Package description.

Package Use for
python-xlib Stick app window into emacs frame
python-pyqt5 GUI library required for application development
dbus-python DBus IPC for python and elisp
PyMuPDF Render engine required for PDF Viewer
grip Markdown render server for Markdown Previewer
qrcode Render local file QR code

Or run EAF with docker

If you prefer to run linux in a docker, you can read Run EAF with docker

Why this awesome framework doesn't works with MacOS?

There are mainly three obstacles:

  1. I can't make dbus/python-dbus works on MacOS High Sierra
  2. This framework need use X11 reparent to stick Qt5 window to emacs frame, but i don't know how to make X11 works on MacOS.
  3. Qt5 QGraphicsView/QGraphicsScene can't work MacOS, specify QGraphicsVideoItem can't work.


EAF use DBus' session bus, it must running in general user.
Please don't run EAF with root user, root user just can access DBus's system bus.


Type 'eaf-open-url' RET
Browser Key Event
Left Button Open link in current tab
Ctrl + Left Button Open link in new tab
M-f Forward page in history
M-b Backward page in history
M-q Delete all cookies
C-= Zoom in
C-- Zoom out
C-0 Zoom reset

PDF Viewer

Type 'eaf-open' RET pdf-filepath
PDF Viewer Key Event
j Scroll up
k Scroll down
Space Scroll up page
b Scroll down page
, Scroll to end
. Scroll to home
t Switch scale mode
- Zoom out
= Zoom in
0 Zoom reset
g Goto page
p Goto to percent
[ Remember position
] Remember jump

Video Player

Type 'eaf-open' RET video-filepath
Video Player Key Event
Space Play or Pause
h Seek backward
l Seek forward

Image Viewer

Type 'eaf-open' RET image-filepath
Image Viewer Key Event
j Load next image in current directory
k Load previous image in current directory

Other applications

Application Name Launch
Markdown previewer Type 'eaf-open' RET markdown filepath
Org file previewer Type 'eaf-open' RET org filepath
Camera Type 'eaf-camera'
Demo Type 'eaf-demo'
File Transfer Type 'eaf-show-file-qrcode'
Or use `dired-show-file-qrcode' in dired mode
File Uploader Type 'eaf-upload-file'
Air Share Type 'eaf-air-share'



If you can't access most awesome internet services like me, you perhaps need proxy settings like below:

(setq eaf-http-proxy-host "")
(setq eaf-http-proxy-port "1080")

Then EAF browser is free! ;)

Markdown Previewer

If you use markdown previewer, you need access to a Personal access token, fill something in "Token description" and click button "Generate token" to get your personal token, then set token with code:

(setq eaf-grip-token "yourtokencode")

Otherwise, github will popup "times limit" error because so many peope use grip. ;)

Report bug

If you have any problem with EAF, please use command "emacs -Q" to start Emacs without any customizations.

Then re-test your workflow. If "emacs -Q" works fine, it's must be something wrong with your emacs config file.

If the problem persists, please report bug here.

Join Us

Do you want to make Emacs a real operating system?

Do you want to live in emacs more comfortably?

Want to create unparalleled plugins to extend emacs?

Let's hack together!


如果我的作品让你的生活充满快乐, 欢迎请我喝瓶啤酒, 哈哈哈哈

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