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pyplaydar try to implement Playdar in pure python. It should work with python 2.X, and use bottle and cherrypy wsgi server.

Future (19/02/2012)

  • The web frontend page will be able to let you easily configure resolvers too !

Features :

  • Fully compatible with JS clients
  • Works with original playdar's resolvers
  • Compatible with Tomahawk's resolvers, using pyv8.
  • Works on *nix/win as is (should work on mac)
  • Web frontend to easily test resolvers
  • Simple and test'able

Current notes about "playdar protocol"'s implementation :

  • for web-clients : Note that it auto-authenticate all clients
  • resolve method : for a same query : it's always the same QID which is returned
  • get_results : for a same file/object : it's always the same SID which is returned

What's in pyplaydar

  • libs/ : Contains externals libs provided with pyplaydar (bottle and cherrypy wsgi server)

  • static/ : Contains static ressources used by the webserver. Currently, only a template for the web frontend.

  • resolvers/ : This folder contains the playdar's compatible resolvers. Each resolver is a folder, which contains an executable.

    • test/ : A test resolver

      • : the executable, which resolve artist/title : testa/web & testa/local), that's all ;-)
    • tomahawk/ : the resolver which is compatible with tomahawk's resolvers

      • : the executable
      • : a python lib (to wrap pyv8/js to a python class)
      • : a command line to install/uninstall tomahawk's resolvers properly.
    • : A command line to test a resolver in console.

  • : The main file : the web server, which handle http requests for playdar protocol, and for the web frontend.

  • : the playdar protocol, low level.

  • : a lot of tests, which cover 95% of the pyplaydar's code.

  • pyplaydar.conf : the conf file

there are a lot of readme.txt files too, which explain some things.

How to start

Note: to be able to use the tomahawk's resolvers, you'll need to install pyv8

Grab this folder.

In a console, change dir to "resolvers/tomahawk/"

run "./ install", to install tomahawk resolvers

change dir to pyplaydar root (../..)

edit your pyplaydar.conf, to have that :

tomahawk/ tomahawk-resolvers/dilandau/dilandau.js

run "./"

run a browser to point "http://localhost:60210/" (this is the web frontend for testing), you can start to query dilandau


a playdar thing in python ;-)






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