a simple redis-like in pure python
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A simple redis-like in pure python3, fully asyncio/thread/process compliant !

on pypi/redys


  • asyncio compliant
  • client Sync (Client) & Async (AClient)
  • very quick
  • classics commands : get/set/delete/keys & incr/decr
  • sets commands : sadd/srem
  • queue commands : rpush/lpush/rpop/lpop
  • pubsub commands : subscribe/unsubscribe/get_event & publish
  • cache commands : setex
  • ping command ;-)
  • exchange everything that is pickable (except None)
  • raise real python exception in client side
  • minimal code size
  • works well on GAE Standard (2nd generation/py37)
  • unittests are autonomous (it runs a server)
  • just in-memory !

why ?

Redis is great, but overbloated for my needs. Redys is simple, you can start the server side in an asyncio loop, and clients can interact with a simple in-memory db. Really useful when clients are in async/threads/process(workers)/multi-hosts world, to share a unique source of truth.


  • The sync client (Client) use threads, so it can't live in the same loop as the server (Server). It's better to use it in another thread or process.
  • The async client (AClient) can live in the same loop as the server (Server), but don't forget to await each methods (which are coroutines in async version)
  • Not fully/concurrency tested. Use at own risk ;-)
  • See tests for examples