"Compile" your VUE component (*.vue) to standalone html/js/css ... python only (no need of nodejs). Support python components too !
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"Compile" your VueJS components (*.vue) to standalone html/js/css ... python only, no need of nodejs. And you can use python components with vbuild, in your vue/sfc files !!!

It's just an utility to generate HTML(template), SCRIPT and STYLE from a VUE/SFC component (*.vue). It won't replace webpack/nodejs/vue-cli, it fills the "Sometimes you have to work with the tools you have, not the ones you want." gap.

DEMO (with py2, so no async on python side ;-( )

Available on pypi



import vbuild

#c=vbuild.render( "c1.vue", "c2.vue" )
#c=vbuild.render( "c1.vue", "vues/*.vue" )

print( c.html )
print( c.script )
print( c.style )


print( c ) # all stuff in html tags

Main Goal

Its main purpose is to let you use components (.vue files) in your vuejs app, without a full nodejs stack. It's up to you to create your generator, to extract the things, and create your "index.html" file. It's a 4 lines of python code; example:

import vbuild
buf=readYourTemplate("index.tpl") # should contains a tag "<!-- HERE -->" that would be substituted
buf=buf.replace("<!-- HERE -->",str( vbuild.render( "vues/*.vue" ) ) )

(a real example of rendering vue/sfc components, using vbuild and the marvelous wuy)

Vue/sfc component compatibility

All classical JS vue/sfc components are compatibles. But now, you can use python component too.

Here is, side by side, the same component (in js, and in python):

To use the full features of vbuild

If you want to use the full features, you'll need to install the optionnal's libs.

sudo pip install pyscss lesscpy closure

All theses libs works with py2 and/or py3, and you could use the ccs-pre-processors SASS and LESS, and closure to minify js.