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Notes about proxified request

Since 0.6 release, wuy (server side) provides async wuy.request(url,data=None,headers={}), to simplify doing http request. This method simplify access to http or https urls (no ssl verification), and handle cookies for you. (It's similar to urllib.Request, so only GET/POST http verbs for now.)

Since that, wuy (javascript side) provides wuy.fetch() -> promise (same signature as window.fetch()) : so it does exatcly what fetch does, except :

  • the call pass thru the server side (server side act as a proxy, on path /_/<url>) : and server side use wuy.request().
  • it's limited to GET/POST http verbs (for now)
  • it forces the browser to use "no-cache" : always access to a fresh content of the proxifed url.
  • it handles credentials as same-origin.

With this new mechansim : you can access any url (on client-side (html/js)) without CORS troubles ;-) (it's not the browser which do the fetch : it's the server ; avoiding cors issues)

On clientside : if you have CORS issues on this kind of fetch :

fetch("",{method:"post"}).then( ... )

You'll should have no CORS issues like that:

wuy.fetch("",{method:"post"}).then( ... )

Juste added wuy. before fetch ;-)