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dnfdragora is a graphical package management tool based on libyui python bindings
License: GPLv3
Author: Angelo Naselli <>
@package dnfdragora
# NOTE part of this code is imported from yumex-dnf
import logging
from os import listdir
import dnfdaemon.client
import dnfdragora.backend
import dnfdragora.misc
import dnfdragora.const as const
from dnfdragora.misc import ExceptionHandler, TimeFunction
logger = logging.getLogger('dnfdragora.dnf_backend')
class DnfPackage(dnfdragora.backend.Package):
"""Abstract package object for a package in the package system."""
def __init__(self, po_tuple, action, backend):
dnfdragora.backend.Package.__init__(self, backend)
(pkg_id, summary, size, group) = po_tuple
self.pkg_id = pkg_id
self.action = action
(n, e, v, r, a, repo_id) = dnfdragora.misc.to_pkg_tuple(self.pkg_id) = n
self.epoch = e
self.ver = v
self.rel = r
self.arch = a
self.repository = repo_id
self.visible = True
self.selected = False
self.downgrade_po = None
self.summary = summary
self.grp = group
self.size = size
self.sizeM = dnfdragora.misc.format_size(size)
# cache
self._description = None
def __str__(self):
"""String representation of the package object."""
return self.fullname
def fullname(self):
return dnfdragora.misc.pkg_id_to_full_name(self.pkg_id)
def get_attribute(self, attr):
"""Get a given attribute for a package."""
return self.backend.GetAttribute(self.pkg_id, attr)
def version(self):
return self.ver
def release(self):
return self.rel
def filename(self):
"""RPM filename of a package."""
# the full path for at localinstall is stored in repoid
if self.action == 'li':
return self.repoid
return "%s-%s.%s.%s.rpm" % (, self.version,
self.release, self.arch)
def group(self):
"""Package group."""
return self.grp
def fullver(self):
"""Package full version-release."""
return "%s-%s" % (self.version, self.release)
def installed(self):
return self.repository[0] == '@'
def URL(self):
return self.get_attribute('url')
def set_select(self, state):
"""Package is selected in package view."""
self.selected = state
def set_visible(self, state):
"""Package is visible in package view"""
self.visible = state
def description(self):
return self.get_attribute('description')
def changelog(self):
return self.get_attribute('changelog')
def filelist(self):
return self.get_attribute('filelist')
def pkgtags(self):
return self.get_attribute('pkgtags')
def downgrades(self):
return self.backend.get_downgrades(self.pkg_id)
def updateinfo(self):
return self.get_attribute('updateinfo')
def requirements(self):
return self.get_attribute('requires')
def is_update(self):
"""Package is an update/replacement to another package."""
return self.action == 'o' or self.action == 'u'
class DnfRootBackend(dnfdragora.backend.Backend, dnfdaemon.client.Client):
"""Backend to do all the dnf related actions """
def __init__(self, frontend, use_comps=False):
dnfdragora.backend.Backend.__init__(self, frontend, filters=True)
self._gpg_confirm = None
self.dnl_progress = None
self._files_to_download = 0
self._files_downloaded = 0
self._use_comps = use_comps
self._group_cache = None
self._protected = None
self._pkg_id_to_groups_cache = None
self._package_name = None
if self.running_api_version == const.NEEDED_DAEMON_API:
logger.debug('dnfdaemon api version (%d)',
raise dnfdaemon.client.APIVersionError(
_('dnfdaemon api version : %(actual)d'
"\ndoesn't match"
'\nneeded api version : %(required)d') %
{'actual': self.running_api_version,
'required': const.NEEDED_DAEMON_API})
def on_TransactionEvent(self, event, data):
if event == 'start-run':
print('on_TransactionEvent start')'Start transaction'))
elif event == 'download':
print('on_TransactionEvent download')'Downloading packages'))
elif event == 'pkg-to-download':
self._dnl_packages = data
elif event == 'signature-check':
print('on_TransactionEvent signature')
# self.frontend.infobar.show_progress(False)
self.frontend.infobar.set_progress(0.0)'Checking package signatures'))
elif event == 'run-test-transaction':
print('on_TransactionEvent test')
#'Testing Package Transactions')) #
# User don't care
elif event == 'run-transaction':
print('on_TransactionEvent run transaction')'Applying changes to the system'))
elif event == 'verify':
print('on_TransactionEvent verify')'Verify changes on the system'))
# elif event == '':
elif event == 'fail':
print('on_TransactionEvent fail')
elif event == 'end-run':
print('on_TransactionEvent end')
logger.debug('TransactionEvent : %s', event)
def on_RPMProgress(self, package, action, te_current,
te_total, ts_current, ts_total):
num = ' ( %i/%i )' % (ts_current, ts_total)
if ',' in package: # this is a pkg_id
name = dnfdragora.misc.pkg_id_to_full_name(package)
else: # this is just a pkg name (cleanup)
name = package
if (not self._package_name or name != self._package_name) :
#let's log once
logger.debug('on_RPMProgress : [%s]', package)
#print (const.RPM_ACTIONS[action] % name)
self.frontend.infobar.info_sub(const.RPM_ACTIONS[action] % name)
except KeyError:
logger.debug('on_RPMProgress: unknown action %s', action)
self._package_name = name
if ts_current > 0 and ts_current <= ts_total:
frac = float(ts_current) / float(ts_total)
self.frontend.infobar.set_progress(frac, label=num)
def on_GPGImport(self, pkg_id, userid, hexkeyid, keyurl, timestamp):
values = (pkg_id, userid, hexkeyid, keyurl, timestamp)
self._gpg_confirm = values
logger.debug('received signal : GPGImport %s', repr(values))
def on_DownloadStart(self, num_files, num_bytes):
"""Starting a new parallel download batch."""
#values = (num_files, num_bytes)
#print('on_DownloadStart : %s' % (repr(values)))
self._files_to_download = num_files
self._files_downloaded = 0
_('Downloading %(count_files)d files (%(count_bytes)sB)...') %
{'count_files':num_files, 'count_bytes': dnfdragora.misc.format_number(num_bytes)})
def on_DownloadProgress(self, name, frac, total_frac, total_files):
"""Progress for a single element in the batch."""
#values = (name, frac, total_frac, total_files)
#print('on_DownloadProgress : %s' % (repr(values)))
num = '( %d/%d )' % (self._files_downloaded, self._files_to_download)
self.frontend.infobar.set_progress(total_frac, label=num)
def on_DownloadEnd(self, name, status, msg):
"""Download of af single element ended."""
#values = (name, status, msg)
#print('on_DownloadEnd : %s' % (repr(values)))
if status == -1 or status == 2: # download OK or already exists
logger.debug('Downloaded : %s', name)
self._files_downloaded += 1
logger.error('Download Error : %s - %s', name, msg)
def on_RepoMetaDataProgress(self, name, frac):
"""Repository Metadata Download progress."""
values = (name, frac)
#print('on_RepoMetaDataProgress (root): %s', repr(values))
logger.debug('on_RepoMetaDataProgress (root): %s', repr(values))
if frac == 0.0:
elif frac == 1.0:
def setup(self):
"""Setup the dnf backend daemon."""
return True, ''
except dnfdaemon.client.AccessDeniedError:
return False, 'not-authorized'
except dnfdaemon.client.LockedError:
return False, 'locked-by-other'
def quit(self):
"""Quit the dnf backend daemon."""
def reload(self):
"""Reload the dnf backend daemon."""
self.Unlock() # Release the lock
# time.sleep(5)
self.Lock() # Load & Lock the daemon
self.cache.reset() # Reset the cache
self._group_cache = None
#NOTE caching groups is slow let's do only once by now
#self._pkg_id_to_groups_cache = None
def _update_config_options(self):
def to_pkg_tuple(self, pkg_id):
"""Get package nevra & repoid from an package pkg_id"""
(n, e, v, r, a, repo_id) = str(pkg_id).split(',')
return (n, e, v, r, a, repo_id)
def _make_pkg_object(self, pkgs, flt):
"""Get a list Package objects from a list of pkg_ids & attrs.
All packages has the same action type.
Package object are taken from cache if available.
:param pkgs: list of (pkg_id, summary, size)
:param flt: pkg_filter (installed, available ....)
# TODO: should be combined with _make_pkg_object_with_attr
# No need for 3 almost indentical way to make a list of package objects
po_list = []
append = po_list.append
action = const.FILTER_ACTIONS[flt]
for pkg_values in pkgs:
append(DnfPackage(pkg_values, action, self))
return self.cache.find_packages(po_list)
def _make_pkg_object_with_attr(self, pkgs):
"""Make list of Packages from a list of pkg_ids & attrs.
Package have different action type
Package object are taken from cache if available.
:param pkgs: list with (pkg_id, summary, size, action)
po_list = []
append = po_list.append
for elem in pkgs:
(pkg_id, summary, size, group, action) = elem
po_tuple = (pkg_id, summary, size, group)
append(DnfPackage(po_tuple, const.BACKEND_ACTIONS[action], self))
return self.cache.find_packages(po_list)
def _build_package_list(self, pkg_ids):
"""Make list of Packages from a list of pkg_ids
Summary, size and action is read from dnf backend
Package object are taken from cache if available.
:param pkg_ids:
# TODO: should be combined with _make_pkg_object_with_attr
# No need for 3 almost indentical way to make a list of package objects
po_list = []
append = po_list.append
for pkg_id in pkg_ids:
summary = self.GetAttribute(pkg_id, 'summary')
size = self.GetAttribute(pkg_id, 'size')
group = self.GetAttribute(pkg_id, 'group')
pkg_values = (pkg_id, summary, size, group)
action = const.BACKEND_ACTIONS[self.GetAttribute(pkg_id, 'action')]
append(DnfPackage(pkg_values, action, self))
return self.cache.find_packages(po_list)
def get_packages(self, flt):
"""Get packages for a given pkg filter."""
logger.debug('get-packages : %s ', flt)
if flt == 'all':
filters = ['updates', 'installed', 'available']
filters = [flt]
result = []
for pkg_flt in filters:
# is this type of packages is already cached ?
if not self.cache.is_populated(pkg_flt):
print ("not in cache")
fields = ['summary', 'size', 'group'] # fields to get
po_list = self.GetPackages(pkg_flt, fields)
if pkg_flt == 'updates_all':
pkg_flt = 'updates'
pkgs = self._make_pkg_object(po_list, pkg_flt)
self.cache.populate(pkg_flt, pkgs)
result.extend(dnfdragora.backend.Backend.get_packages(self, pkg_flt))
return result
def _get_groups_from_packages(self):
"""Get groups by looking for all packages group property."""
packages = self.get_packages('all')
result = []
append = result.append
for pkg in packages:
if not in result :
return result
def get_downgrades(self, pkg_id):
"""Get downgrades for a given pkg_id"""
pkgs = self.GetAttribute(pkg_id, 'downgrades')
return self._build_package_list(pkgs)
def get_repo_ids(self, flt):
"""Get repository ids"""
repos = self.GetRepositories(flt)
return repos
def get_repositories(self, flt='*'):
"""Get a list of repo attributes to populate repo view."""
repo_list = []
repos = self.GetRepositories(flt)
for repo_id in repos:
if repo_id.endswith('-source') or repo_id.endswith('-debuginfo'):
repo = self.GetRepo(repo_id)
repo_list.append([repo['enabled'], repo_id, repo['name'], False])
return sorted(repo_list, key=lambda elem: elem[1])
def get_packages_by_name(self, name_key, newest_only):
"""Get packages by a given name wildcard.
:param name_key: package wildcard
:param newest_only: get lastest version only
attrs = ['summary', 'size', 'group', 'action']
pkgs = self.GetPackagesByName(name_key, attrs, newest_only)
return self._make_pkg_object_with_attr(pkgs)
def search(self, search_attrs, keys, match_all, newest_only, tags):
"""Search given pkg attributes for given keys.
:param search_attrs: package attrs to search in
:param keys: keys to search for
:param match_all: match all keys
attrs = ['summary', 'size', 'group', 'action']
pkgs = self.Search(search_attrs, keys, attrs, match_all,
newest_only, tags)
return self._make_pkg_object_with_attr(pkgs)
def _cacheProtected(self) :
gets all the protected packages
self._protected = []
conf_files = listdir(protected_conf_path)
for f in conf_files :
file_path = protected_conf_path + '/' + f
with open(file_path, 'r') as content_file:
for line in content_file:
if line.strip() :
match_all = False
newest_only = False
tags =""
pkgs = self.get_packages_by_name(line.strip(), newest_only)
for pkg in pkgs:
pkg_id = pkg.pkg_id
if (not pkg_id in self._protected) :
# TODO it would be better to get recursive require
#for pkg_id in self._protected:
#recursive_id = self.GetAttribute(pkg_id,'requires')
def protected(self, pkg) :
if pkg is not none returns if the given package is a protected one
if not self._protected :
found = pkg.pkg_id in self._protected
return found
def _getAllGroupIDList(self, groups, new_groups, g_id=None) :
return a list of group ID as pathnames from comps
gid = g_id
for gl in groups:
if (isinstance(gl, list)):
if (type(gl[0]) is str) :
new_groups.append(gid + "/" + gl[0] if (gid) else gl[0])
if not gid :
gid = gl[0]
else :
self._getAllGroupIDList(gl, new_groups, gid)
def get_groups(self):
"""Get groups/categories from dnf daemon backend if use comps or evaluated from packages otherwise"""
if not self._group_cache :
if self._use_comps:
self._group_cache = []
rpm_groups = self.GetGroups()
self._getAllGroupIDList(rpm_groups, self._group_cache)
else :
self._group_cache = self._get_groups_from_packages()
return self._group_cache
def get_groups_from_package(self, pkg):
returns a list containing comps which the package belongs to if use comps,
or the package group otherwise
@param pkg: given package
groups = []
if self._use_comps:
if not self._pkg_id_to_groups_cache:
# fill the cache
self._pkg_id_to_groups_cache = {}
rpm_groups = self.get_groups()
tot = len(rpm_groups)
self.frontend.infobar.set_progress(0.0)'Caching groups from packages... '))
g = 0
for groupName in rpm_groups:
perc = float(float(g*1.0)/139)
#NOTE fedora gets packages using the leaf and not a group called X/Y/Z
grp = groupName.split("/")
#pkgs = self.get_group_packages(grp[-1], 'all')
pkgs = self.GetGroupPackages(grp[-1], 'all', [])
for pkg_id in pkgs :
if pkg_id not in self._pkg_id_to_groups_cache.keys():
self._pkg_id_to_groups_cache[pkg_id] = []
if pkg.pkg_id in self._pkg_id_to_groups_cache.keys():
groups = self._pkg_id_to_groups_cache[pkg.pkg_id]
else :
return groups
def get_group_packages(self, grp_id, grp_flt):
"""Get a list of packages from a grp_id and a group filter.
:param grp_id:
:param grp_flt:
attrs = ['summary', 'size', 'group', 'action']
pkgs = self.GetGroupPackages(grp_id, grp_flt, attrs)
return self._make_pkg_object_with_attr(pkgs)
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