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Author: Manav Dhiman (http://manavdhiman.com/valo)

Valo is a simple and modern theme for your blog and/or website. It is a WordPress child theme for Thesis Theme Framework. Which means this is a skin for your default Thesis design. See it live here.

For this theme to work on your website/blog you must have the following:
-Thesis Theme for WordPress

This is how to install it on your WordPress blog:
-Install Thesis Theme for WordPress on your WordPress blog.
-Download the .zip below. Unzip it using Winzip or any other software of your choice.
-Put the "custom.css", "custom_functions.php", and the "images" folder in /custom folder inside your theme folder.
-Log in to your WordPress dashboard and goto Thesis > Manage Options and use thesis-all-options-xxxxx.dat to update all (design + site) options.

Respect the author, enjoy the work.
-You may use this for your commercial as well as non-commercial projects.
-Do not remove the attribution in the footer. {Note: The attribution text is not the same as it appears in the footer of this website.}
-You may make changes.
-You may redistribute changes under the same license.
-You may not sell Valo as it is or as a derivative work.
-Note: Thesis and related material is a copyright of DIY Themes and Chris Pearson.

Valo means "light" in Finnish.