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Backup files and folders listed on a config file.
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Backup files and folders listed on a config file. Easily restore a backup.

make_backup allows you to copy very easily a list of files or folders and their path in a folder passed on parameter (or folder BACKUP if used without parameters).

The created folders end with a suffix according to date and version.

Edit ~/.make-backup to configure the files to track.

deploy_backup allows you to restore a backup previously created with make_backup.


  • Clone or download this repository
    $ git clone
  • Add make-backup to your path, for example by editing ~/.bashrc
    $ cd global-backup
    $ echo "export PATH=`pwd`:$PATH" >> ~/.bashrc

Quick start

  • Edit ~/.global-backup, adding one line per file or folder (full path)

    Add current folder to ~/.global-backup :

    $ pwd >> ~/.global-backup
  • run make_backup :
    $ make_backup NAME_BACKUP

The argument is optional, if not precised, make_backup will create the folder BACKUP, acoording to date and version.

Use - make_backup

Use: make_backup [OPTION..] [NAME_BACKUP]

Backup files and folders listed on ~/.global-backup to NAME_BACKUP_date_version or in BACKUP_date_version if used without parameters


-c, --compress Compress the backup in a .tar.gz

-d, --dry Dry run, print just all the commands that will be run by make_backup

-h, --help Display this help screen help = """Use: make_backup [OPTION..] [NAME_BACKUP]

-v, --verbose Print each command that will be run

Use - deploy_backup

Use: deploy_backup [OPTION..] [BACKUP]

Deploy backup files and folders and restore symlinks.


-d, --dry Dry run, print just all the commands that will be run by deploy_backup

-h, --help Display this help screen

-v, --verbose Print each command that will be run


Content ~/.global-backup :

    $ cat ~/.global-backup

    /home/user/2 words

Run make_backup :

    $ make_backup example_backup

This command produces the folder example_backup_21_01_2017_v1

Content of our first backup :

    $ tree -a example_backup_2017_1_21_v1/
    ├── .backuped
    └── home
        └── user
            ├── 2 words
            │   └── d.txt
            ├── config.git
            │   └── cmd
            │       ├── catbash
            │       ├── make_backup
            │       ├── tarv
            │       ├── tarvc
            │       └── up_perl
            └── .global-backup

Running it again will produce example_backup_21_01_2017_v2, etc.

If we run it the next day, it will produce the folder example_backup_22_01_2017_v1



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