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TechNW.UK Website

Hi there! Welcome to the TechNW.UK website git repo.

This page isn't part of the main index, but does mean that when you hit the repo itself, you see it. Awesome!

Anyway, I'm guessing you're here because you want to add your group, conference or region contact to our index. These are all easy to find - up there under _data. If you've got any other tweaks to make, please do put them in, we'd really welcome your suggestions! If you need a hand with this GitHub thing, we understand. Create an issue (up there in the "Issues" tab, next to "Code") explaining what you want to do, or just email and he'll get things going for you!

If you're adding stuff to do with your group or event, click into the _data page above.

Want to test your changes locally?

Easy: Use Docker

To do this, install docker if you haven’t already and run docker-compose up from the root of this project in a terminal. Your changes will be visible on http://localhost:4000/. Any changes you make to your post will be reflected in your browser—there’s no need to restart docker. You can hit ctrl-c to stop the process.

Hard/problematic: Set up Jekyll

From the cloned repo directory:

bundle install
bundle exec jekyll serve

Then visit the URL it provides you with!

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