A JSConnect Class for CodeIgniter
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A JSConnect Class for CodeIgniter

This contains two files:

  • app/libraries/jsconnect.php
  • app/controllers/auth.php

In order to get this to work on your installation you must:

At this stage, you will integrate my code into your CodeIgniter project.

  • Copy the library into your libraries folder. ( CI_Install_folder/application/libraries )

  • Open the auth file included.

  • Copy the load library line into your constructor (ie: $this->library->("jsconnect"); )

  • Copy the "Vanilla" function over to wherever suits your authentication engine. -- This will determine your "Authentication URL" ( ie: http://website.com/auth_controller/vanilla/ )

  • Add the details to your settings in JsConnect Plugin and then add your clientID and secret to the Codeigniter function.

At this point, you should be good to go! So, give it a try.