808 Micro Camera Firmware

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The project goal is to develop an open souce firmware for the 808 Micro Camera. For my development i use Ubuntu Linux Version 10.10

The 808 Cam uses an Sunplus SPCA1527 Chip


Tools we use.

The 8051 Assembler ( as31 )


First steps: upload sample code

Compile the sample:

as31 blink.asm

Convert the hex File to BIN

avr-objcopy -I ihex -O binary blink.hex blink.bin

Press and hold the mode button and connect the cam to usb.


Now the Cam is in webcam mode

ID 04fc:1528 Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd SPCA1527A/SPCA1528 SD card camera (webcam mode)

Upload the code to cam s-ram memory ( Wrong code can destroy your Cam !!!)

ISP808 blink.bin

Yes. Now the Led will blink. We loaded our first code in your Cam.

Disconnect the cam from USB

Press Reset.

Enable the uart

Solder a 10k resistor SMD chip.


Now the Gpio 4 ( Led ) is a UART Pin with 57600 baud rate ( 3.3 Volt ).

Restart the Cam, we get.



Ld Ok

K B F/W version is T32 V272-00

F/W compiled @ 08/09/10, 10:23:59


Build a C Sample

Install the SDCC - Small Device C Compiler


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