A battery management system (BMS) for small vehicles mainly 36V and 48V (golf carts & quads).
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SombreroBMS could have been a battery management system board and software for small electric vehicles and conversions. Mainly 36V and 48V battery packs for golf carts. Currently an unfinished project. Reading the sensors worked and monitoring from a serial line worked. The repository has a simulation project in order to try different balancing algorithms.

Planed features:

  • Lithium phosphate battery packs.
  • Protection relay to connect to a power relays like a Gigavac 250A.
  • State of charge updated by a current sensor during the discharge.
  • Custom gauge connected with one wire + Gnd serial communication.
  • Monitoring from a laptop computer using a serial communication over USB.
  • Passive balancing (possibility for a heavy duty version for first balancing use).
  • Undervoltage events count per battery + worst value recording.
  • Powered from the battery pack.
  • 10 to 18 batteries.

The development was interrupted when I moved to Lyon in 2016. And the client switched to Orion BMS, so the target was lost and the funding shorted. However I started SombreroBMS2, simpler, safer, cheaper and easier to use. For lighter vehicles (but it will keep the same functionnality). I will add more unit testing and simulation on it (hence the switch to gitlab). Building more on software interfaces and abstraction layers and using the test driven development aproach. On the second version the client is myself :)

https://gitlab.com/arenyp/sombrerobms2 http://blog.vreemdelabs.com/