Sample project for demo of AppVeyor deployment.
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This is sample project for demostrating deployment to NuGet using AppVeyor.


  1. Create a solution in repo with some sample class library.

  2. Add package CreateNewNuGetPackageFromProjectAfterEachBuild:

     Install-Package CreateNewNuGetPackageFromProjectAfterEachBuild
  3. Add nuspec file to project. You can use this file as an example.

  4. Build your project, you should see the nupkg file create in output folder.

  5. Create a GitHub repo and push the project source there.

  6. Go to AppVeyor and create new build project

  7. Select GitHub repo (may need to link your account so AppVeyor has access).

  8. AppVeyor has added default build which will only compile sources. Go to build Settings and:

    • On General tab enable AssemblyInfo patching
    • On Build tab, set Configuration to Release
    • On Artifacts tab add artifact with path **\*.nupkg
    • On Deployment tab, add new deployment for NuGet provider, and fill any custom details (I use my own NuGet server)
  9. Build the project - you should see the NuGet package is being created and published to NuGet server.