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using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
namespace Stratosphere.Math
public class ColumnsConcatMatrix : Matrix
private readonly Matrix _a;
private readonly Matrix _b;
public ColumnsConcatMatrix(Matrix a, Matrix b)
if (a.Height != b.Height)
throw new InvalidOperationException("Matrices must be of equal height");
_a = a;
_b = b;
Size = new int[] {_a.Height, _a.Width + _b.Width};
public override int[] Size { get; }
public override double Get(int index)
if (index < _a.Size.Product())
return _a.Get(index);
return _b.Get(index - _a.Size.Product());
public override double GetByCoordinates(int row, int column)
if (column < _a.Width)
return _a.GetByCoordinates(row, column);
return _b.GetByCoordinates(row, column - _a.Width);
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