A HTML5 Boilerplate theme designed for default SilverStripe installations
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Hardyakka developer theme

Built by mike.andrewartha.co.nz


Hardyakka see meaning is a HTML5 Boilerplate template for the SilverStripe CMS (http://silverstripe.org) based on a similar idea used by other CMS' to provide all the default html objects you need to start creating a SilverStripe theme.


Installation instructions

  • Install SilverStripe
  • Either manual install: Run git clone git@github.com:mandrew/hardyakka.git in the /themes folder Or install by Composer: Run composer require mandrew/hardyakka and the theme will be installed
  • base-files.zip contains the following files from HTML5 boilerplate
    • apple-touch-icon.png
    • browserconfig.xml
    • crossdomain.xml
    • humans.txt
    • robots.txt
    • tile-wide.png
    • tile.png Unzip and transfer these Boilerplate files (if needed) into the main SilverStripe installation folder
  • Update the /mysite/_config/config.yml file to point to the 'hardyakka' theme e.g. SSViewer: theme: 'hardyakka'

Note: if you are going to use the style.css file then keep the blank layout.css file so the cms/layout.css styles aren't inherited into your template on a fresh install or instead rename the style.css file to layout.css so as to not cause these conflicts

  • Start building your website

Dont forget to:

  • Change the favicons.ico and apple touch icons
  • Update the google analytics code at the bottom of the Page.ss file
  • Update the humans.txt, robots.txt, crossdomain.xml and browserconfig.xml files

Extend the base theme

Although HTML5 Boilerplate comes with css, you can follow the docs/ files to extend this theme and even get it working with twitter bootstrap if you want to.

Work the HTML5 Boilerplate build script magic

Note: This step isn't necessary to publish a SilverStripe site but if you wish to use the template build script that comes with HTML5 Boilerplate then follow the below steps (now located at https://github.com/h5bp/ant-build-script). Also these instructions are untested with the latest version so if you try this and have any changes then please submit a pull request with an update to these instructions.

Once you have finished building your website and you wish to create the final version using the build script:

  • Update the /build/config/project.properties file in the 'Directory Structure' section to point to the correct theme files

dir.js = themes/hardyakka/js dir.css = themes/hardyakka/css dir.images = themes/hardyakka/images

  • if you want to create the publish folder outside of the main SilverStripe installation then add the following code to the properties file:

dir.publish = ../websitename-publish

  • Run the build script (cd into /build folder, run 'ant build' function) which creates the dir.publish folder
  • As a default SilverStripe installation already comes with a .htaccess file so merge .htaccess files together carefully
  • Transfer the dir.publish folder created by the build script to your server
  • Rename the folder to the origional project name so SilverStripe will work again
  • Run a dev/build?flush=1

If you have any issues with running the HTML5 Boilerplate build script then I'd advise watching the videos at the HTML5 Boilerplate website.


  • Turn this theme into a more automated installation of Boilerplate
  • Possibly intergrate it into a default SilverStripe installation