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Update script for making a release

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1 parent 4859a35 commit 1b897beffa40ff8615cdffaa200cc2b9bd30610f @eyedol eyedol committed Jun 19, 2014
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@@ -1,6 +1,7 @@
# Make a release to the SMSSync app.
+# TODO:: Look into making this a Gradle task
if [[ $# -lt 2 ]]
@@ -12,53 +13,28 @@ TAG_NAME=$1
# SMSSync source code
-# Merge release to master and develop
-# Checkout develop branch
-echo "Checking out the develop branch..."
-git checkout $DEVELOP
-# Merge release branch into the develop branch
-echo "Merging release branch into develop..."
-git merge $RELEASE
+# Merge develop branch into master
# Checkout master branch
echo "Checking out the master branch..."
git checkout $MASTER
-# Merge release branch into master branch
-echo "Merging release branch into"
-git merge $RELEASE
+# Merge develop branch into master branch
+echo "Merging develop branch into master"
+git merge $DEVELOP
-# Delete the release branch
-echo "Deleting local release branch..."
-git branch -d $RELEASE
-# Delete remote release branch
-echo "Deleting remote release branch..."
-git push origin --delete $RELEASE
-# Create the release tag
+# Create the signed release tag
echo "Creating release tag $TAG_NAME ..."
-git tag -a $TAG_NAME -m $TAG_MESSAGE
-# Push newly created tag to remote host
-echo "Pushing new tag to remote host..."
-git push --tags
-# Create the release build
-echo "Changing directory into $SMSSYNC"
-pushd $SMSSYNC
+git tag -s $TAG_NAME -m $TAG_MESSAGE
# Create a release apk
echo "Building a release apk"
-ant clean release
+./gradlew clean assemble
# Back to where we were before

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