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package freez.view
import annotation.tailrec
import _root_.scalaz.{Monad, Functor, Coyoneda, Unapply, ~>}
import freez._
abstract class DequeFreeComp extends FreeComp {
self =>
type Deque[R[_, _], A, B]
type FC[F[_], A, B] = A => Free[F, B]
type FMExp[F[_], A, B] = Deque[({ type l[X, Y] = FC[F, X, Y] })#l, A, B]
// The optimized representation of Free
case class FM[S[_], X, A](head: FreeView[S, X], tail: FMExp[S, X, A]) extends Free[S, A]
implicit def FreeMonad[S[_]](
implicit TS: TSequence[Deque],
V: FreeViewer[Free]
) = new Monad[({ type l[A] = Free[S, A] })#l] {
def point[A](a: => A): Free[S, A] = V.fromView(FreeView.Pure(a))
def bind[A, B](fa: Free[S, A])(f: A => Free[S, B]): Free[S, B] = self.bind(fa)(f)
implicit def viewer(implicit TS: TSequence[Deque]) = new FreeViewer[Free]{
final def fromView[S[_], A](h: FreeView[S, A]): Free[S, A] =
FM(h, TS.tempty[({ type l[X, Y] = FC[S, X, Y] })#l, A])
@tailrec final def toView[S[_], A](free: Free[S, A])(
implicit F: Functor[S]
): FreeView[S, A] = {
import FreeView._
type FCS[A, B] = ({ type l[X, Y] = FC[S, X, Y] })#l[A, B]
free match {
case f:FM[S, x, A] => f.head match {
case Pure(x) =>
TS.tviewl[FCS, x, A](f.tail) match {
case _: TViewl.EmptyL[Deque, FCS, x] =>
case l: TViewl.LeafL[Deque, FCS, u, v, A] =>
l.head(x.asInstanceOf[u]) match {
case f2: FM[S, x, v] =>
TS.tappend[FCS, x, v, A](f2.tail, l.tail())
case Impure(a) =>
case f2: FM[S, y, x] =>
FM(f2.head, TS.tappend[FCS, y, x, A](f2.tail, f.tail))
final def bind[S[_], A, B](fa: Free[S, A])(f: A => Free[S, B])(implicit TS: TSequence[Deque], V: FreeViewer[Free]): Free[S, B] = {
type FCS[A, B] = ({ type l[X, Y] = FC[S, X, Y] })#l[A, B]
fa match {
case free: FM[S, x, A] =>
TS.tappend[FCS, x, A, B](
TS.tsingleton[FCS, A, B](f)