A module for the Play! web framework providing a CRUD mechanism when using Siena DB APIs.
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Latest commit 4919d11 May 21, 2012 Pascal Voitot new version 2.0.3 correcting binding root name change from object. to…
… root. since Play 1.2.4


Crud Siena for Play! Framework v2.x

The CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) Siena module a fully usable web interface for your Siena Model objects with a few more features than default CRUD.

  • NEW: v2.0.x with support for GAE/MySQL/Postgres/H2 for Play! v1.2.x and play-siena v2.0.x

Note play-crud-siena v2.0.2 depends on play-siena v2.0.4+siena-1.0.0-b6: don't worry about the beta6, the code is quite stable!