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Siena support for Play! Framework v2.x

The siena module automatically enables Siena support for your application for GAE/MySQL/PostgreSQL/H2 databases.

Release notes

  • v2.0.6 provides support for :

    • GAE
    • MySQL
    • Postgresql
    • H2
    • GoogleCloudSQL
    • Amazon SDB
  • v2.x brings support for IDs of type Long (auto-generated or manual) and String (manual or auto-generated as UUID).

  • v2.x brings a new class called EnhancedModel which is a normal siena.Model enhanced at runtime by Play to provide all() function (and other functions also but it will be detailed later). Please see below for more details.

  • v2.x is a complete refactoring of siena module based on Siena v1.x. Yet, for those who used Siena before, it doesn't change anything as Siena v1.0.0 is 100% backward compatible (at least in theory).

  • v2.x is compatible with Play version >1.2.1 and uses dependency management.

Note v1.x only supported GAE but this is not the case anymore. Other NoSQL Databases will be added later.