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Allows you to leverage the update/delete operations of your Haystack search index to backgrounds tasks using RQ, a lightweight Redis background queue.

For use with Haystack version 2.0+.


You also need to install your choice of one of the supported search engines for Haystack and have properly configured Redis and django-rq.


  1. Just make shure the haystack_rqueue directory is available in your PYTHON_PATH. The prefered way is to run pip install
  2. Include this line in your settings module HAYSTACK_SIGNAL_PROCESSOR = 'haystack_rqueue.signals.RQueueSignalProcessor').
  3. If you are running Django 1.8+, add 'haystack_rqueue' to your INSTALLED_APPS setting.
  4. Configure django-rq (see the README) and ensure your Redis instance is running and it's accessible.
  5. Start the RQ workers (via $ ./ rqworker).
  6. Profit!