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Programmers Wanted

(a compilation of the amusing verbage that recuiters use; to the tune of "Man Wanted")

Programmer wanted
One great techie wanted
One real ninja who codes until they cry

Wizard wanted
One rockstar developer wanted
You’re perfect for the job, but yes you must apply

Computer science degree is required
Please send us your resume in a Microsoft Word format

Designer wanted
A master guru wanted
Finish 100% of your work
And you get 20% time

Hacker wanted
One software specialist wanted
You’ll have to relocate, so please give me a call

Architect wanted
One high level engineer wanted
We have a softball league, we know you’ll have a ball

Did I mention that we have pool tables
And beanbag chairs and free soda in the fridge

Yes, you’re wanted
Your set of skills are wanted
We have an indoor slide
And pictures on the walls

Talent wanted, programming genius wanted
They’re a fully funded startup in Silicon Valley
You’ll take a pay cut in exchange for some equity
One real super duper champion wanted

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