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Anything Goes

(about what goes on in the tech industry; to the tune of "Anything Goes")

Times have changed
Conferences and meetup groups
Checking Twitter to get the scoop
Hope no one takes my phone and says I pooped

Yes, today
Make a phone call, are you insane
Spending half my life on a plane
My devices are frying my brain

In olden days you’d write a letter
But email is so much better
Because we all know, mail is too slow

My mom told me I should get a degree
But I can learn all I wanna know online
Any fuckin time

Your industry rocks today
Great talks today
Gourmet coffee today
Free booze today
And a rave today
Yes, all of that today
You lucky, so-and-so’s
And though Nuno’s a great romancer
And has all the geeky answers
Where’s the fire hose, cause anything goes

If mechanical bulls you like
Gun duels like
Helicopters you like
Phil Collins you like
If free phones you like
Clowns and donkeys you like
And pirate themed clothes
And when each night the vibe is jumpin and recruiters
Wine and dine you with hell who knows
Anything Goes