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Brogrammer Drama

Brogrammer drama Poppin his collar and raging on code Brogrammer drama He’s not a CEO, he’s a CE-Bro He spends a lot of precious time mean muggin' in aviators He only dines on Muscle Milk to him there’s nothing greater!

Stay in the roid zone While getting a tan down at the pool Hoodies and headphones Doesn’t give a damn, he thinks he looks cool Give him some Redbull and Mountain Dew to prep for conference season Oh nevermind, he drinks it like water for no good reason

Brogrammer drama Just got a new tribal tattoo Brogrammer drama His dance moves were on the news He does his pushups with one hand while coding with the other He’s patenting some caffeine pills called "May I Have Another?"

He has 5 startups Hired some guys from the local frat In his Porsche doing fistpumps And his rottweiler ate your cat He’s good with the ladies, loves Nickleback, and gets so mad he shakes He has his laptop strapped to the treadmill and loves bro-tein shakes Brogrammer drama, kind of like high school Brogrammer drama, so much like high school Brogrammer drama, oooo-weeee-ooooo!

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