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updates to include listening instructions on OSX #1

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proud to be your first pull request. Hope you like!


+1 to this leading to good times

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This is so damn fun I can't stand it! Must teach other musicians to do this. Seriously. Feel like I'm ahead of the game in the music industry by learning how to do this (and waaaaaaaay behind in your industry.) :-)

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Holy schmoley, I'm on GitHub. I have only punched 3 holes in the wall while [Joe][1] helped me with this. :smiley: Here are all of the lyrics from the party. Hope that some of you have thick skin. I kid I kid!
- [1]:
+ [1]:
+## run
+For a good time pipe the output of a file to `say` on OSX.
+ cat Brian\ Leroux\ Walked\ | say
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