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openchronos-ng -

== Status ==
In progress..

This is a major rework of the entire system. For now, only this is working:
* clock (based on hardware time keeping, no more inaccuracy).
* alarm (also based on hardware).
* RFBSL wireless update.

It might not look a lot and it isn't because most of the work was done in the
core openchronos. Basically, at core level, this was what has been done:
* Implementation of a system wide message bus.
* Implementation of a RTC driver (for clock and alarm).
* Rework of timer and ports drivers.
* Implementation of a module system (drop in applications).
* Rework of the display routines.
* Rework of the menu system.
* Rework of the buzzer system: it can now play RTTTL (nokia tunes) melodies.

In summary, you should expect the code to be more stable, smaller and easier
to understand.

== Requirements ==

* msp430 toolchain (DO NOT USE msp430-gcc4, IT IS DEPRECATED)
* python

== Recommended Toolchain ==

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