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Here is Mangaki's installation manual. Welcome!
Also available in French.


VM install (super simple but requires 6 GB)

Requires Vagrant.

vagrant up
vagrant provision  # May be required
vagrant ssh  # Will open a tmux that
# You can detach by pressing Ctrl + b then d

And voilà! You can access Mangaki at (or if you have vagrant-hostupdater).

Full install

Requires Python 3.4 → 3.6, PostgreSQL 9.3 → 10, Redis 4.0, and preferably pwgen.

python3 -m venv venv
. venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements/dev.txt
cd mangaki
./ migrate

Running the background worker (Celery)

This step is mandatory only if you need background tasks which is required for features such as MAL imports.

 # Ensure that your working directory is where is. (i.e. ls in this folder should show you
 celery -B -A mangaki:celery_app worker -l INFO

If you can read something along these lines:

[2017-10-29 14:34:47,810: INFO/MainProcess] celery@your_hostname ready.

The worker is ready to receive background tasks (e.g. MAL imports).

Running the web server

./ runserver

And voilà! You can access Mangaki at http://localhost:8000.

Some perks

./ loaddata ../fixtures/{partners,seed_data}.json
./ ranking    # Compute the anime/manga ranking pages. Should be done regularly.
./ top --all  # Compute the Top 20 directors, etc. Should be done regularly.
./ test       # Run all tests

See also our interesting Jupyter notebooks, in another repository.