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Adaptive tests.ipynb
Backups d'algorithmes de recommandation - SVD, ALS, KNN.ipynb
Balse 2.ipynb
Generating fake data.ipynb
I - Playing with manga and anime objects.ipynb
II - Running our recommendation algorithms.ipynb
III - Visualize anime embeddings.ipynb
IV - Let's find duplicates.ipynb
Make BALSE great again.ipynb
Make anonymous data.ipynb
Make seed data.ipynb
Mangaki Data Challenge et l'affaire KNN.ipynb
Mangaki Data Challenge.ipynb
Mangaki fancy stats - Users, Ratings, Works.ipynb
Mangaki on Earth (MOE).ipynb
Modeling missing data.ipynb
Non-linear Matrix Factorization with Gaussian Processes.ipynb
Ordinal regression.ipynb
Overview i2v.json.ipynb
Rankings (top, controversial, pearls) @ Anime Expo.ipynb
Remove duplicates.ipynb
Simple blending with TensorFlow.ipynb
Test DPP.ipynb
Trends in Anime & Manga.ipynb
t-SNE MNIST.ipynb