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Erlang Package Manager 1.0.0

Build Status

Structure of index file

The index contains the information about the OTP Application in the following format:

{Appname, LinkToRepo, RepoType, [Info]}

Appname    :: atom(),
LinkToRepo :: url(),
RepoType   :: git | bzr | svn,
Info       :: {publisher, Publisher :: string()}
            | {tags, [Tag :: string()]}
            | {branches, [Branch :: string()]}
            | {description, Description :: string()}


To build epax and generate a standalone escript executable:

$ make

This creates an executable epax.


epax subcommand [options]


init                Initialize the index, deletes old index or packages if any
add    <repo_link>  Add new package into index (repo must follow OTP structure)
list                List down all packages in the index in lexicographical order
remove <appname>    Remove the package from index
update              Update details of all packages in the index
check               Try to fix broken packages if any, updates the index as well
bundle <appname>    Figure out dependencies for the package and copies all non-standard packages
show   <appname>    Print detailed information of the package
search <regex>      Performs full text search on available package lists
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