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MAngband Version 1.5.3 (20th March 2020)


This release was made possible by contributions from PowerWyrm, Borg, gwarl and all the players who reported bugs and provided comments on 1.5.X game balance. The SDL2 client was originally written by @kettek, you're awesome!

Special thanks to Tangar @igroglaz.


  • New, experimental SDL2 client. (#1295)
    • Can be used both as multi-window and as a single-window client.
    • Supports all possible font files from all platforms.
    • And vector .ttf/.otf fonts with any desired point sizes.
  • 21x31 version of Tangar's 1-bit font is now shipped with the client. No mappings, though :( (#1372)
  • Two very cheesy options from MAngband 1.4.0 are back: (#1248)
    • 'energy_buildup' allows players to accumulate x2 energy by standing.
    • 'monster_recoil' will make monsters skip a turn after performing a melee attack.
  • Port partial blows per round from Angband 3.2. (#1323)
  • New ability to set hitpoint threshold to 100%, to enable bullet-time at will:
    • Press the = key at threshold prompt to set 100%
    • Press the - key at threshold prompt to toggle between 0% and your last setting.
    • Macro those as \e=H-\e\e to get a single-key toggle.
  • Time-bubbles/slow-down indicator should be more intuitive. (#1329)
  • Add keymap browser (press '=' from 'interact with macros' menu). (#1297)
  • Restore command macros. Players can yet again create macros, that are only executed when the game is waiting for a command, and not from every prompt and sub-menu. (#1296)
  • "New" option from Angband 3.0.9 'pickup_inven' to automatically pick up items, that match existing inventory items. (#1335)
  • 'bump_open' option from MAngband 0.7.2a is back, for people
    who were unhappy with similar 'easy_alter' Angband option. (#1328)
  • Mouse keys and actions can now be swapped, see mouse.prf. (#1267)
  • Windows client will now report additional mouse buttons properly. (#1267)
  • Mouse control can now be fully disabled in the Windows client. (#1267)
  • "Gorged" status will now finally pass away, while in Town. (#1330)
  • Fix 'use_old_target' option being stuck after killing monsters. (#1331)
  • Fix rare, yet deadly, bugs in mouse-walk pathfinder. (#1264)
  • Fix 'ironmen can't go down at 5000ft due to unkilled uniques' bug. (#1365)
  • Fix ironman special levels not loading at all. (#1364)
  • Fix minimap being completely useless in graphics mode. (#1375)
  • Fully update spell visual mappings for all 3 tilesets. (#1322)
  • Update PvP arena visual mapping for all tilesets. (#1373)
  • Farmers can now choose their crop! (#1024)
  • The game will now keep track of item origins (like Angband does). (#1309)
  • Cure light/serious/critical wounds potions updated to match Angband 3.1.0b, now heal more hit points and deal with confusion and cuts better. (#1316)
  • Cure light/serious wounds potions are now sold in the Temple once again, Healing potions should appear in the Black Market more often. (#1179)
  • Using wand/staff/rod PILES from the floor is now allowed. (#1310)
  • Having a "tried" wand/staff/rod is now enough to know if it requires a direction. (#1363)
  • Fix artifact activation (was broken for most directional spells). (#1338)
  • Fix crash during from-floor wand recharging. (#1136)
  • Fix Rod of Pereception rod not asking "which item?". (#1361)
  • Fix auto-disconnect during starvation. (#1156)
  • Fix client disconnects when executing multiple shots per round. (#1333)
  • Fix rare bug of players spending their initial login turn without
    their bonuses applied (such as having 0 blows per round). (#1332)
  • Fix aiming wands being twice as hard as it's supposed to be. (#1311)
  • Fix hunger happening twice as fast as it should've. (#1324)
  • Fix missing keymaps and broken macros for roguelike mode. (#860, #1298)
  • Branded/Enchanted items, that were originally obtained from the store, will now have 99% discount, to remove 're-sale' exploit/cheeze. (#994)
  • Fix incorrect time displayed in the Character History log. (#1318)
  • Fix many instances of created items being invisible. This includes digging stuff out of rubble, various spells, etc. (#1294)
  • Fix bug with doors appearing outside of the rooms. (#1299)
  • Fix yet another crash related to changing levels. (#872)
  • Fix Dispel Evil spell causing disconnect. (#1362)
  • Hallucination effects should be more prominent now. (#1300)
  • Fix many instances of player view not updating, such as when other players open/close doors, switch places, dig out stuff, Stone-to-Mud walls, etc. (#1302, #1301)
  • Easily observable monster lore will now register for all players nearby a monster (was only registering for one, closest, player before). (#1304)
  • Some monster-induced messages will now be seen by all nearby players. (#1305)
  • Mimic monsters are now hidden in monster/item lists. (#1315)
  • Inspecting items that provide nourishment will show how tasty they are. (#1317)
  • bell() effect ("system beep" on error), should now work properly in SDL and SDL2 clients (on most platforms). (#1321)
  • Also, lots of "bell()" calls were missing, now restored. (#1353)
  • Client now has partial support for -d<dir>=<path> Angband-style command-line options, in particular, -duser, -dlib and -dbone can be used. NOTE: our current --libdir, --userdir flags still exist too and behave as usual. (#1367)
  • Fix evil bug with monster lore pointer being set to '-1' in some cases. (#1360)
  • Ensure we're not writing past text window buffer limits when player does a "symbol query" for a monster. (#1359)
  • Resistance panel is now properly updated after memory loss. (#978)
  • Server will no longer prepare monster/item list if player is not subscribed to those. (#1358)
  • Fix horrible crash related to console connections. (#1355)
  • Fix '--enable' and '--disable' flags in our ./configure script. (#1354)
  • It's now possible to disable 'queue clearing' behavior in macros, using the '\f' control sequence. (#1208)
  • Restore correct ESCape key behavior, which should clear command queue. (#1353)
  • Savefiles are now handled more safely on Windows. (#1350)

Server admin changes:

  • Main port now accepts websocket connections, in addition to normal player connections. JavaScript clients, welcome! (#1368, #1369)
  • Server savefile now keeps track of players who have found the artifacts, to ease purging. (#1307)
  • Server savefile now keeps track of item origins. (#1309)
  • Random artifacts are back! (#1319)

Developer changes:

  • Z-File ported from V410. (#1093)
  • All functions now accept player_type* pointer instead of int Ind. (#993)
  • parser.c ported from V351. (#1224)
  • Updating player view based on terrain changes is now more "centralized", via the use of cave_set_feat() function, from V309. (#1303)
  • Server will now send default options to the clients. (#1308)
  • New, updated xcode projects.
  • Stats are no longer hardcoded. (#881)
  • rand_int() and randint() are renamed into randint0 and randint1. (#1217)
  • Visual mappings can now be updated during gameplay.
  • Protocol breakage: x/y positions for inventory slots are now transmitted from the server during birth. (#1371)
  • Protocol breakage: new a/c (and tomenet-like "name_one") fields are now included into inven/equip/store/floor packets. (#1370)
  • Several minor fixes to make cygwin compilation easier. (#1348)
  • Inven/Equip packets will now be much more rare, as server keeps track of slots that need re-sending. (#1351)
  • Tilesets are no longer hardcoded into client/server, and are loaded from 'graphics.txt' (as in Angband). (#1222)