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a simple cli tool to export MS access databases to CSV and SQL
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A simple cross platform command line tool to export MS Access .mdb files to CSV or MySQL.

It is largely a simple CLI wrapper around the Jackcess library which does all the actual work.


You need Java 1.6+ , and you can run the jmdbtools.jar file directly.

Run it using:

java -jar jmdbtools.jar -f {mdb file names} -options

Options are:

-s - show file stats

-e - export file

-db {database location} - export to MySQL database, eg. localhost/DBNAME

-u - database username

-p - database password

-o - set this flag to enable overwrite existing tables

-tp {prefix} - table prefix


JMdbTools is a Maven project. You can run it with the exec plugin using -Dargs to supply the required arguments, or you can use the assembly plugin maven-assembly-plugin:single goal to generate the standalone jar package.


LGPL 3.0

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