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[submodule] Dependencies used in all MaNGOS cores.
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Mangos Dependencies

Mangos stands on the shoulders of well-known Open Source libraries, and a few awesome, but less known libraries to prevent us from inventing the wheel again.

Please note that Linux and Mac OS X users should install packages using their systems package management instead of source packages.

  • MySQL / PostgreSQL: to store content, and user data, we rely on MySQL/MariaDB and PostgreSQL to handle data.
  • ACE: the ADAPTIVE Communication Environment aka. ACE provides us with a solid cross-platform framework for abstracting operating system specific details.
  • Recast: in order to create navigation data from the client's map files, we use Recast to do the dirty work. It provides functions for rendering, pathing, etc.
  • G3D: the G3D engine provides the basic framework for handling 3D data, and is used to handle basic map data.
  • libmpq: libmpq provides an abstraction layer for reading from the client's data files.
  • Zlib: Zlib (Zlib for Windows) provides compression algorithms used in both MPQ archive handling and the client/server protocol.
  • Bzip2: Bzip2 (Bzip2 for Windows) provides compression algorithms used in MPQ archives.
  • OpenSSL: OpenSSL (OpenSSL for Windows) provides encryption algorithms used when authenticating clients.
  • Lua: Lua 5.2 (Lua 5.2 for Windows) provides a convenient, fast scripting environment, which allows us to make live changes to scripted content.

Recast, G3D and libmpq are included in the Mangos distribution as we rely on specific versions. libmpq is to be replaced with stormlib shortly.

Optional dependencies

  • Doxygen: if you want to export HTML or PDF formatted documentation for the Mangos API, you should install Doxygen.
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