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Also toggle git-id tool to work well with recent milestone
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1 parent 85bb314 commit 821249430e373e11713119ae456e50d95fb04c19 @Schmoozerd Schmoozerd committed with rsa Nov 22, 2012
@@ -3,6 +3,9 @@
*.vcproj eol=crlf
*.vcxproj* eol=crlf
+src/shared/revision_nr.h eol=lf
+src/shared/revision_sql.h eol=lf
# Whitespace rules
# strict (no trailing, no tabs)
*.cpp whitespace=trailing-space,space-before-tab,tab-in-indent,cr-at-eol
@@ -458,6 +458,14 @@ bool find_sql_updates()
+ // Add last milestone's file information
+ last_sql_rev[0] = 11785;
+ last_sql_nr[0] = 2;
+ sscanf("11785_02_characters_instance", "%s", last_sql_update[0]);
+ last_sql_rev[2] = 10008;
+ last_sql_nr[2] = 1;
+ sscanf("10008_01_realmd_realmd_db_version", "%s", last_sql_update[2]);
// remove updates from the last commit also found on origin
snprintf(cmd, MAX_CMD, "git show %s:%s", origin_hash, sql_update_dir);
if( (cmd_pipe = popen( cmd, "r" )) == NULL )
@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ CREATE TABLE `db_version` (
`version` varchar(120) default NULL,
`creature_ai_version` varchar(120) default NULL,
`cache_id` int(10) default '0',
- `required_12278_01_mangos_creature_template` bit(1) default NULL
+ `required_12279_01_mangos_creature_template` bit(1) default NULL
@@ -0,0 +1,3 @@
+ALTER TABLE db_version CHANGE COLUMN required_12278_01_mangos_creature_template required_12279_01_mangos_creature_template bit;
+UPDATE creature_template SET flags_extra=flags_extra & ~0x800;
@@ -53,7 +53,6 @@ enum CreatureFlagsExtra
CREATURE_FLAG_EXTRA_NOT_TAUNTABLE = 0x00000100, // creature is immune to taunt auras and effect attack me
CREATURE_FLAG_EXTRA_AGGRO_ZONE = 0x00000200, // creature sets itself in combat with zone on aggro
CREATURE_FLAG_EXTRA_GUARD = 0x00000400, // creature is a guard
- CREATURE_FLAG_EXTRA_NO_TALKTO_CREDIT = 0x00000800, // creature doesn't give quest-credits when talked to (temporarily flag)
CREATURE_FLAG_EXTRA_KEEP_AI = 0x00001000, // creature keeps ScriptedAI even after being charmed / controlled (instead of getting PetAI)
CREATURE_FLAG_EXTRA_TAUNT_DIMINISHING = 0x00002000, // creature will only have Taunt diminishing returns if they have been specifically flagged (
@@ -13257,8 +13257,6 @@ void Player::PrepareGossipMenu(WorldObject* pSource, uint32 menuId)
if (pMenuItemBounds.first == pMenuItemBounds.second && canSeeQuests)
pMenuItemBounds = sObjectMgr.GetGossipMenuItemsMapBounds(0);
- bool canTalkToCredit = pSource->GetTypeId() == TYPEID_UNIT;
for (GossipMenuItemsMap::const_iterator itr = pMenuItemBounds.first; itr != pMenuItemBounds.second; ++itr)
bool hasMenuItem = true;
@@ -13285,8 +13283,6 @@ void Player::PrepareGossipMenu(WorldObject* pSource, uint32 menuId)
- if (itr->second.action_menu_id != 0) // has sub menu (or close gossip), so do not "talk" with this NPC yet
- canTalkToCredit = false;
hasMenuItem = false;
@@ -13407,12 +13403,6 @@ void Player::PrepareGossipMenu(WorldObject* pSource, uint32 menuId)
if (canSeeQuests)
- if (canTalkToCredit)
- {
- if (pSource->HasFlag(UNIT_NPC_FLAGS, UNIT_NPC_FLAG_GOSSIP) && !(((Creature*)pSource)->GetCreatureInfo()->flags_extra & CREATURE_FLAG_EXTRA_NO_TALKTO_CREDIT))
- TalkedToCreature(pSource->GetEntry(), pSource->GetObjectGuid());
- }
// some gossips aren't handled in normal way ... so we need to do it this way .. TODO: handle it in normal way ;-)
/*if (pMenu->Empty())
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
#ifndef __REVISION_NR_H__
#define __REVISION_NR_H__
- #define REVISION_NR "12278"
+ #define REVISION_NR "12279"
#endif // __REVISION_NR_H__
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
#ifndef __REVISION_SQL_H__
#define __REVISION_SQL_H__
#define REVISION_DB_CHARACTERS "required_11785_02_characters_instance"
- #define REVISION_DB_MANGOS "required_12278_01_mangos_creature_template"
+ #define REVISION_DB_MANGOS "required_12279_01_mangos_creature_template"
#define REVISION_DB_REALMD "required_12112_01_realmd_account_access"
#endif // __REVISION_SQL_H__

10 comments on commit 8212494

is this correct? CREATURE_FLAG_EXTRA_NO_TALKTO_CREDIT = 0x00000800, // creature doesn't give quest-credits when talked to (temporarily flag) removed ???

players cannot finish Druid Bear form quests anymore. or is it already fixed?

Unable to complete quest . You just talk to bear and that's all not able to complete it.
same problem with gossip_menu condition quests. unable to complete.

I rechecked if I was wrong with something.

Mangos 12270 R2 rev 2444 - Same Database Ytdb 631 - Quest Working!!!!!!

Mangos 12287 R2 rev 2481 - Same Database Ytdb 631 - Quest not working!!!

Rechecked twice - no DB problem!

yes, this is a db problem.

The concept was to remove this bad automated behaviour (which is nearly never what should happen).
To make converting easier this temp-flag was added.
Apperently it wasn't used well enough :(

Actually there should be a gossip dialogue:

I have not tested, but UDB appears to have full gossip and gossip script to support this quest properly

As i have the queries anyways:

SELECT * FROM quest_template WHERE entry IN (5929, 5930);
SELECT entry, gossip_menu_id FROM creature_template WHERE entry=11956; -- 3882
SELECT * FROM gossip_menu WHERE entry IN (3882, 3881, 3883, 3884);
SELECT * FROM gossip_menu_option WHERE menu_id IN (3882, 3881, 3883, 3884);
SELECT * FROM gossip_scripts WHERE id IN (3884, 3885);

Your Queries didnt help same problem....
lot of stuff stopped working after this change gossip_scripts = dbscripts_on_gossip

i just rechecked db and cant find any problem. everything looks okey. same as in here as in old db.

missing this two line in game. but i can see the text in DB no problem in db but in game not able to push [ i have heard your words]

Strength of the heart is what gives you the resolve to take action... action that is rooted in intents that are pure and forthright. To keep the balance is not to be complacent or banal.

You must show resolve for that which you believe in, and you must be willing to fight for it. The mother bear shows endless conviction in protecting her young, as does an elder bear protecting his den. It is this resolve, this strength of heart, which you must come to know if you are to master the way of the Claw.

I have heard your words, Great Bear Spirit, and I understand. I now seek your blessings to fully learn the way of the Claw.

It remains to be seen if you are ready, young one. Even the wisest and oldest of druids are never truly ready when the ultimate time of testing comes.

You have heard my words, and now you must move on. Heed what I have taught you. There will be a time when you will have your strength tested. You must face your foe as the bear would - with strength of body and with strength of heart. Learn from the fight, young one. Go... with my blessings.


rsa replied Nov 28, 2012

need EAI script, i think. question about this commit send to author - I'm not too good at quest subsystems

im not sure if this can be done in EAI. i still think somthing wrong with core. because the DB is same. using old core quest working. using latest updated core. quest not working 👎 :( not only this quest. same problem with scripted quests gossip scripts. and so on.

Hmm, i just tested with a relatively clean UDB, and the quest worked exactly as expected and correctly (alliance)

i only use YTDB. dont know anything about UDB


rsa replied Nov 29, 2012

i just tested on mangosR2 test server (autocompiled current core + clean current YTDB). works fine.

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