The tracker is a tool intended to verify the game content database integrity.
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mangos-zero-tracker Project status

A database tracker for mangos-zero, and World of Warcraft Client Patch 1.12 - Drums of War. It is compatible with client 1.12.1 (build 5875), and 1.12.2 (build 6005).

It is used to validate content in the mangos-zero database against DBC default values extracted by a PEAR based command line utility.


The develop branch is where the development of mangos-zero tracker is done. Any of the commits submitted here may or may not become part of the next release.

It is recommended to use the master branch for stable systems, and only use the develop branch if you intend to test commits and submit issues and/or reports.


This database is compatible with mangos-zero z1762, and requires DBC files to be extracted from World of Warcraft client 1.12.1 (build 5875). Other client versions are not supported.


To use this application, a working PHP 5.3 installation for both the command line and web usage is mandatory. PEAR is used for common tasks such as command line functions and database connectivity.

Development of mangos-zero-tracker requires the git flow extension installed, since development of this projects uses this workflow model.


To use the tracker, you will have to create an additional database (the default database name being zp_tracker), where the tracker can store data extracted from the World of Warcraft client 1.12.1 (build 5875), user data, game database version information, and - of course - the actual data status users report.

The database schema is provided in sql/create_structure.sql and may e.g. be used by running

mysql -uzp -hlocalhost -pzpdb zp_tracker < sql/create_structure.sql

after creating the zp_tracker database.

If you need a different database name, user, host, etc. you can change default values in the config.php file to match your needs. config.php also needs to be edited to specify the name you have used for your mangos-zero world database, which by default is set to zp_world.

Once you have installed the database, you will need to open a console / terminal window, and execute extract.php

php extract.php

If your database is properly configured, this should display all data being parsed and extracted from the World of Warcraft client 1.12.1 (build 5875) DBC files.

Once finished, you can use the tracker just like any other PHP web application and put the application folder somewhere into your document root, or add an Alias to your Apache configuration, e.g. by adding

Alias /tracker "/home/username/mangos/zero/tracker"
<Directory "/home/username/mangos/zero/tracker">
	AllowOverride All
	Options FollowSymlinks
	Order allow,deny
	Allow from all

to your Apache configuration. This can be done global or in a virtual host.

You can configure various options inside the tracker from the administration menu. To access it, log in as user "admin" (default password: "tracker").

And if something goes wrong?

... for now you will have to figure out on your own. This repository currently is intended to kickstart development. Of course, you are welcome to fork the repository, and submit pull requests with your changes.

If you feel like submitting an issue, please do so only if you are willing to provide a detailed report, and are available to verify any solution to the issue provided by the developers of this repository.