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Revert "Changed email return for item that can't be equiped anymore. …

…Before the email was sent with an empty body and the subject was to long to be displayed in the player email. Now the Email is sent with the subject 'Item could not be loaded to inventory.' and the body as the subject message before. (#71)"

This reverts commit befb584.
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billy1arm committed Jan 10, 2019
1 parent 9389bd3 commit 36d77d9b16960b83729e371434b50a93589f8ff3
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  1. +4 −4 src/game/Object/Player.cpp
@@ -16412,11 +16412,11 @@ void Player::_LoadInventory(QueryResult* result, uint32 timediff)
// send by mail problematic items
while (!problematicItems.empty())
std::string subject = "Item could not be loaded to inventory.";
std::string content = GetSession()->GetMangosString(LANG_NOT_EQUIPPED_ITEM);
std::string subject = GetSession()->GetMangosString(LANG_NOT_EQUIPPED_ITEM);

// fill mail
MailDraft draft(subject);
MailDraft draft(subject, "There's were problems with equipping item(s).");

for (int i = 0; !problematicItems.empty() && i < MAX_MAIL_ITEMS; ++i)
Item* item = problematicItems.front();

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