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Inform your customers via text message
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BulkSMS Plugin


  • Use account to send SMS to customers
  • Inform your customers with a text message that the package has been sent
  • Custom text for every shipping method and language
  • Use variables to personalise the text


  1. Run $ composer require mangoweb-sylius/sylius-bulksms-plugin.
  2. Register \MangoSylius\BulkSmsPlugin\MangoSyliusBulkSmsPlugin in your Kernel.
  3. Import @MangoSyliusBulkSmsPlugin/Resources/config/resources.yml in the config.yml.
  4. Your Entity Channel has to implement \MangoSylius\BulkSmsPlugin\Model\BulkSmsChannelInterface. You can use Trait MangoSylius\BulkSmsPlugin\Model\BulkSmsChannelTrait.
  5. Your Entity ShippingMethodTranslation has to implement \MangoSylius\BulkSmsPlugin\Model\BulkSmsShippingMethodInterface. You can use Trait MangoSylius\BulkSmsPlugin\Model\BulkSmsShippingMethodTrait.
  6. Include template @MangoSyliusBulkSmsPlugin/channelSmsSegmentForm.html.twig in @SyliusAdmin/Channel/_form.html.twig.
  7. Include template @MangoSyliusBulkSmsPlugin/shippingMethodSmsForm.html.twig in @SyliusAdmin/ShippingMethod/_form.html.twig. For guide to use your own entity see Sylius docs - Customizing Models


First enter BulkSMS credentials and other parameters in channel settings, then enter SMS text for each shipping method. If the text is blank, no SMS will be sent.

You can use the following variables in the text:

{{ orderNumber }}
{{ trackingNumber }}
{{ address.fullName }}
{{ }}
{{ address.street }}
{{ address.postCode }}
{{ }}
{{ address.provinceCode }}
{{ address.provinceName }}
{{ address.countryCode }}



  • Create symlink from .env.dist to .env or create your own .env file
  • Develop your plugin in /src
  • See bin/ for useful commands


After your changes you must ensure that the tests are still passing.

  • Easy Coding Standard
  • PHPStan


This library is under the MIT license.


Developed by manGoweb.

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