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#lang racket
(require "path.rkt" "stat.rkt")
(provide parallel-driver%)
(define (get-free-mem)
(with-output-to-string (thunk (system "free | head -2 | tail -1"))))
(define parallel-driver%
(class object%
(init-field isa parser machine printer validator search-type mode
[window #f])
;; search = `solver, `stoch, `hybrid
;; mode = `linear, `binary, `syn, `opt
(public optimize)
(define (required-module x) (format "~a/~a-~a.rkt" isa isa x))
(define (get-class-name x) (format "~a-~a%" isa x))
;; Optimize code
(define (optimize-inner code-org live-out-org rootdir cores time-limit prog-size
assume input-file start-prog)
;;(raise "done")
(pretty-display (format "SEACH TYPE: ~a size=~a" search-type prog-size))
;;(define path (format "~a/driver" dir))
(system (format "rm -r ~a" rootdir))
(system (format "mkdir ~a" rootdir))
(pretty-display ">>> select code:")
(send printer print-syntax code-org)
(pretty-display (format ">>> live-out-org: ~a" live-out-org))
;; Use the fewest number of registers possible.
(define-values (code live-out map-back machine-config)
(send printer compress-state-space code-org live-out-org))
(pretty-display (format ">>> machine-config: ~a" machine-config))
(pretty-display (format ">>> live-out: ~a" live-out))
(pretty-display `(map-back ,map-back))
(pretty-display ">>> compressed-code:")
(send printer print-syntax code)
;; machine-config from compress-state-space is only accurate for reg but not memory. This will adjust the rest of the machine info.
;; (set! machine-config (send validator proper-machine-config
;; (send printer encode code) machine-config))
(pretty-display (format ">>> machine-config: ~a" machine-config))
(pretty-display (format ">>> live-out: ~a" live-out))
(define dir-id 0)
(define (optimize-partial prefix from to)
(pretty-display (format "OPTIMIZE-PARTIAL from = ~a, to = ~a" from to))
(define dir (format "~a/~a" rootdir dir-id))
(system (format "mkdir ~a" dir))
(define path (format "~a/driver" dir))
(set! dir-id (add1 dir-id))
(define (create-file id search-type mode)
(define (req file)
(format "(file \"~a/~a\")" srcpath (required-module file)))
(define required-files
(map req (append '(parser machine printer
simulator-racket simulator-rosette
(match search-type
[`stoch '(stochastic)]
[`solver '(symbolic)]
[`enum '(forwardbackward enumerator inverse)])))))
#:exists 'truncate (format "~a-~a.rkt" path id)
(pretty-display (format "#lang racket"))
(pretty-display (format "(require ~a)" required-files))
(pretty-display (format "(define machine (new ~a [config ~a]))"
(get-class-name "machine")
(send printer set-config-string machine-config)))
(pretty-display (format "(define printer (new ~a [machine machine]))" (get-class-name "printer")))
(pretty-display (format "(define parser (new ~a))" (get-class-name "parser")))
(pretty-display (format "(define simulator-racket (new ~a [machine machine]))" (get-class-name "simulator-racket")))
(pretty-display (format "(define simulator-rosette (new ~a [machine machine]))" (get-class-name "simulator-rosette")))
(pretty-display (format "(define validator (new ~a [machine machine] [simulator simulator-rosette]))" (get-class-name "validator")))
[(equal? search-type `stoch)
(format "(define search (new ~a [machine machine] [printer printer] [parser parser] [validator validator] [simulator simulator-racket] [syn-mode ~a]))"
(get-class-name "stochastic")
(equal? mode `syn)))]
[(equal? search-type `solver)
(format "(define search (new ~a [machine machine] [printer printer] [parser parser] [validator validator] [simulator simulator-rosette] [syn-mode `~a]))"
(get-class-name "symbolic")
[(equal? search-type `enum)
(format "(define search (new ~a [machine machine] [printer printer] [parser parser] [validator validator] [simulator simulator-racket] [enumerator% ~a] [inverse% ~a] [syn-mode `~a]))"
(get-class-name "forwardbackward")
(get-class-name "enumerator")
(get-class-name "inverse")
(pretty-display "(define prefix (send parser ir-from-string \"")
(send printer print-syntax prefix)
(pretty-display "\"))")
(pretty-display "(define code (send parser ir-from-string \"")
(send printer print-syntax (vector-copy code from to))
(pretty-display "\"))")
(pretty-display "(define postfix (send parser ir-from-string \"")
(send printer print-syntax (vector-copy code to (vector-length code)))
(pretty-display "\"))")
(pretty-display (format "(define encoded-prefix (send printer encode prefix))"))
(pretty-display (format "(define encoded-code (send printer encode code))"))
(pretty-display (format "(define encoded-postfix (send printer encode postfix))"))
(when start-prog
(pretty-display "(define start-code (send parser ir-from-string \"")
(send printer print-syntax start-prog)
(pretty-display "\"))")
(pretty-display (format "(define encoded-start-code (send printer encode start-code))"))
(format "(send search superoptimize encoded-code ~a \"~a-~a\" ~a ~a #:assume ~a #:input-file ~a #:start-prog ~a #:prefix encoded-prefix #:postfix encoded-postfix)"
(send printer output-constraint-string live-out)
path id time-limit prog-size
(send printer output-assume-string assume)
(if input-file (string-append "\"" input-file "\"") #f)
(if start-prog "encoded-start-code" #f)
;;(pretty-display "(dump-memory-stats)"
(define (run-file id)
(define out-port
(open-output-file (format "~a-~a.log" path id) #:exists 'truncate))
(define-values (sp o i e)
(subprocess out-port #f out-port (find-executable-path "racket") (format "~a-~a.rkt" path id)))
(define (kill-all)
(for ([sp (append processes-stoch processes-solver processes-enum)]
[id cores])
(when (equal? (subprocess-status sp) 'running)
(subprocess-kill sp #f))))
(define t (current-seconds))
(define (get-stats)
(define stats
(for/list ([id cores])
(let ([name (format "~a-~a.stat" path id)])
(and (file-exists? name)
(create-stat-from-file name printer)))))
([exn? (lambda (e) (pretty-display "Error: print stat"))])
(when (> cores-stoch 0)
(print-stat-all (filter identity (take stats cores-stoch)) printer))
(define-values (cost len time id) (get-best-info dir))
(pretty-display (format "current-time:\t~a" (- (current-seconds) t)))
(when cost
(pretty-display "=============== SUMMARY ===============")
(pretty-display (format "cost:\t~a" cost))
(pretty-display (format "len:\t~a" len))
(pretty-display (format "time:\t~a" time))
(pretty-display id)))
(define cores-stoch
[(equal? search-type `stoch) cores]
[(equal? search-type `hybrid) (min 3 (floor (* (/ 2 6) cores)))] ;;(min 3 (floor (* (/ 2 6) cores)))]
[else 0]))
(define cores-enum
[(equal? search-type `enum) cores]
[(equal? search-type `hybrid) (floor (* (/ 3 6) cores))] ;;(floor (* (/ 3 6) cores))]
[else 0]
(define cores-solver
[(equal? search-type `solver) cores]
[(equal? search-type `hybrid) (- cores cores-stoch cores-enum)]
[else 0]
(pretty-display "SEARCH INSTANCES")
(pretty-display "----------------")
(pretty-display (format "stoch:\t~a instances" cores-stoch))
(pretty-display (format "sym:\t~a instances" cores-solver))
(pretty-display (format "enum:\t~a instances" cores-enum))
;; STEP 1: create file & run
(define-syntax-rule (create-and-run id mode search-type)
(create-file id search-type mode)
(run-file id)
(define processes-stoch
(if (equal? search-type `hybrid)
(let ([n (min 3 cores-stoch)])
(pretty-display (format "ID ~a-~a: stoch (optimize)" 0 (sub1 n)))
(when (> cores-stoch n)
(pretty-display (format "ID ~a-~a: stoch (synthesize)" n (sub1 cores-stoch))))
(append (for/list ([id n])
(create-and-run id `opt `stoch))
(for/list ([id (- cores-stoch n)])
(create-and-run (+ n id) `syn `stoch))))
;; (begin
;; (when (> cores-stoch 0)
;; (pretty-display (format "ID ~a-~a: stoch (optimize)" 0 (sub1 cores-stoch))))
;; (for/list ([id cores-stoch]) (create-and-run id `opt `stoch)))
(for/list ([id cores-stoch]) (create-and-run id mode `stoch))))
(define processes-solver
[(or (equal? search-type `hybrid)
(and (equal? search-type `solver) (equal? mode `partial)))
(define n1 (if (equal? search-type `solver) 1 0))
(define n2 (floor (* (/ 8 16) cores-solver)))
(define n3 1);(floor (* (/ 4 16) cores-solver)))
(define n4 (if (< (+ n1 n2 n3) cores-solver) (ceiling (* (/ 2 16) cores-solver)) 0))
(define n5 (if (< (+ n1 n2 n3 n4) cores-solver) (ceiling (* (/ 1 16) cores-solver)) 0))
(set! n3 (- cores-solver n1 n2 n4 n5))
;;(pretty-display `(sym ,n1 ,n2 ,n3 ,n4 ,n5))
(when (> n1 0) (pretty-display (format "ID ~a-~a: sym (no-decomposition)" cores-stoch (sub1 (+ cores-stoch n1)))))
(when (> n2 0) (pretty-display (format "ID ~a-~a: sym (window=L)" (+ cores-stoch n1) (sub1 (+ cores-stoch n1 n2)))))
(when (> n3 0) (pretty-display (format "ID ~a-~a: sym (window=2L)" (+ cores-stoch n1 n2) (sub1 (+ cores-stoch n1 n2 n3)))))
(when (> n4 0) (pretty-display (format "ID ~a-~a: sym (window=3L)" (+ cores-stoch n1 n2 n3) (sub1 (+ cores-stoch n1 n2 n3 n4)))))
(when (> n5 0) (pretty-display (format "ID ~a-~a: sym (window=4L)" (+ cores-stoch n1 n2 n3 n4) (sub1 (+ cores-stoch n1 n2 n3 n4 n5)))))
(append (for/list ([i n1]) (create-and-run (+ cores-stoch i) `linear `solver))
(for/list ([i n2]) (create-and-run (+ cores-stoch n1 i) `partial1 `solver))
(for/list ([i n3]) (create-and-run (+ cores-stoch n1 n2 i) `partial2 `solver))
(for/list ([i n4]) (create-and-run (+ cores-stoch n1 n2 n3 i) `partial3 `solver))
(for/list ([i n5]) (create-and-run (+ cores-stoch n1 n2 n3 n4 i) `partial4 `solver))
(for/list ([id cores-solver]) (create-and-run id mode `solver))]))
(define processes-enum
[(or (equal? search-type `hybrid)
(and (equal? search-type `enum) (equal? mode `partial)))
(define n1 (min 1 cores-enum))
(define n2 (floor (* (/ 8 16) cores-enum)))
(define n3 (min 1 cores-enum))
(define n4 (if (< (+ n1 n2 n3) cores-enum) (ceiling (* (/ 2 16) cores-enum)) 0))
(define n5 (if (< (+ n1 n2 n3 n4) cores-enum) (ceiling (* (/ 1 16) cores-enum)) 0))
(set! n3 (- cores-enum n1 n2 n4 n5))
;;(pretty-display `(enum ,n1 ,n2 ,n3 ,n4 ,n5))
(when (> n1 0) (pretty-display (format "ID ~a-~a: enum (no-decomposition)" (+ cores-stoch cores-solver) (sub1 (+ cores-stoch cores-solver n1)))))
(when (> n2 0) (pretty-display (format "ID ~a-~a: enum (window=L)" (+ cores-stoch cores-solver n1) (sub1 (+ cores-stoch cores-solver n1 n2)))))
(when (> n3 0) (pretty-display (format "ID ~a-~a: enum (window=2L)" (+ cores-stoch cores-solver n1 n2) (sub1 (+ cores-stoch cores-solver n1 n2 n3)))))
(when (> n4 0) (pretty-display (format "ID ~a-~a: enum (window=3L)" (+ cores-stoch cores-solver n1 n2 n3) (sub1 (+ cores-stoch cores-solver n1 n2 n3 n4)))))
(when (> n5 0) (pretty-display (format "ID ~a-~a: enum (window=4L)" (+ cores-stoch cores-solver n1 n2 n3 n4) (sub1 (+ cores-stoch cores-solver n1 n2 n3 n4 n5)))))
(append (for/list ([i n1]) (create-and-run (+ cores-stoch cores-solver i) `linear `enum))
(for/list ([i n2]) (create-and-run (+ cores-stoch cores-solver n1 i) `partial1 `enum))
(for/list ([i n3]) (create-and-run (+ cores-stoch cores-solver n1 n2 i) `partial2 `enum))
(for/list ([i n4]) (create-and-run (+ cores-stoch cores-solver n1 n2 n3 i) `partial3 `enum))
(for/list ([i n5]) (create-and-run (+ cores-stoch cores-solver n1 n2 n3 n4 i) `partial4 `enum))
(for/list ([id cores-enum]) (create-and-run id mode `enum))]))
(define (result)
(define limit (if (string? time-limit)
(string->number time-limit)
(define (update-stats)
(sleep 10)
(when (and (< (- (current-seconds) t) limit));(> (get-free-mem) 1000000))
(for ([id (length processes-stoch)]
[sp processes-stoch])
(unless (equal? (subprocess-status sp) 'running)
(pretty-display (format "driver-~a is dead." id))))
(for ([id (length processes-solver)]
[sp processes-solver])
(unless (equal? (subprocess-status sp) 'running)
(pretty-display (format "driver-~a is dead." (+ cores-stoch id)))))
(for ([id (length processes-enum)]
[sp processes-enum])
(unless (equal? (subprocess-status sp) 'running)
(pretty-display (format "driver-~a is dead." (+ cores-stoch cores-solver id)))))
([exn:break? (lambda (e) (kill-all) (sleep 5))])
;; STEP 2: wait until timeout or optimal program is found.
;; STEP 3: get best output & print
(if (file-exists? (format "~a/best.s" dir))
(send parser ir-from-file (format "~a/best.s" dir))
(vector-copy code from to)))
(define code-len (vector-length code))
(define window-size (if window window (send machine window-size)))
(define rounds (ceiling (/ code-len window-size)))
(define size (ceiling (/ code-len rounds)))
(define output-code (vector))
(define mid-positions (make-vector rounds))
(for ([round rounds])
(let ([new-code (optimize-partial output-code (* round size)
(min (* (add1 round) size) code-len))])
(vector-set! mid-positions round
(+ (vector-length output-code)
(quotient (vector-length new-code) 2)))
(set! output-code (vector-append output-code new-code))))
(when (> rounds 1)
(pretty-display `(mid-positions ,mid-positions))
(define small-size window-size);(floor (* (/ 6 10) window-size)))
(define gap1 (- (vector-ref mid-positions 1) (vector-ref mid-positions 0)))
(when (< gap1 small-size)
mid-positions 0
(max 0 (- (vector-ref mid-positions 1) small-size))))
(define gap2 (- (vector-ref mid-positions (- rounds 1))
(vector-ref mid-positions (- rounds 2))))
(when (< gap2 small-size)
mid-positions (- rounds 1)
(min (vector-length output-code)
(+ (vector-ref mid-positions (- rounds 2)) small-size))))
(pretty-display `(mid-positions ,mid-positions))
(set! code output-code)
(set! output-code (vector-copy code 0 (vector-ref mid-positions 0)))
(pretty-display (format ">>> another round"))
(send printer print-syntax code)
(for ([round (sub1 rounds)])
(let ([new-code
(optimize-partial output-code
(vector-ref mid-positions round)
(vector-ref mid-positions (add1 round)))])
(set! output-code (vector-append output-code new-code))))
(set! output-code (vector-append
(vector-copy code (vector-ref mid-positions (sub1 rounds)))))
(let ([username (string-trim (read-line (first (process "whoami"))))])
(system (format "pkill -u ~a java" username))
(system (format "pkill -u ~a z3" username)))
(let ([decompressed-code (send printer decompress-state-space output-code map-back)])
(pretty-display "OUTPUT")
(pretty-display "------")
(send printer print-syntax decompressed-code)
(define (optimize code-org live-out
#:assume [assume #f]
#:dir [dir "output"]
#:cores [cores 8]
#:time-limit [time-limit 3600]
#:size [size #f]
#:input-file [input-file #f]
#:start-prog [start-prog #f])
(if (> (vector-length code-org) 0)
(optimize-inner code-org live-out dir cores time-limit size assume input-file start-prog)