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#lang s-exp rosette
(require "inst.rkt" "machine.rkt" "memory-rosette.rkt" "queue-rosette.rkt" "special.rkt"
(require rosette/solver/smt/z3)
(require rosette/solver/kodkod/kodkod)
(provide validator% sym-input get-rand-func)
;; min & max are inclusive.
(define (sym-input #:min [min #f] #:max [max #f] #:const [const #f])
[const const]
(define-symbolic* input number?)
(when min (assert (>= input min)))
(when max (assert (<= input max)))
(define (get-rand-func bit)
(lambda (#:min [min-v #f] #:max [max-v #f] #:const [const #f])
[const const]
[(and min-v max-v) (random-from-list (range min-v (add1 max-v)))]
(let* ([rand (random (min 4294967087 (<< 1 bit bit)))]
[half (arithmetic-shift
(min 4294967087 (<< 1 bit bit))
;; (if (>= rand (<< 1 (sub1 bit)))
;; (- rand (<< 1 bit))
(if (>= rand half)
(- half rand)
(define validator%
(class object%
(init-field machine simulator [printer #f]
[bit (get-field bitwidth machine)]
[random-input-bit (get-field random-input-bits machine)])
(public generate-input-states
get-sym-vars evaluate-state
assume assert-state-eq
get-constructor adjust-memory-config
(define (get-constructor) validator%)
(define-syntax-rule (display-state x) (send machine display-state x))
(define ninsts (vector-length (get-field opcodes machine)))
(define start-time #f)
(current-solver (new kodkod%))
;; Default: no assumption
(define (assume state assumption)
(when assumption
(raise "No support for assumption")))
(define (interpret-spec spec start-state assumption)
(assume start-state assumption)
;;(pretty-display "interpret spec")
(define res (send simulator interpret spec start-state))
;;(pretty-display "done interpret spec")
(define (interpret spec start-state)
(send simulator interpret spec start-state))
;; Adjust machine config. Specifially, increase memory size if necessary.
;; encoded concrete code
;; config: machine config
(define (adjust-memory-config encoded-code)
(pretty-display (format "solver = ~a" (current-solver)))
(define (solve-until-valid)
(current-bitwidth bit)
(define state (send machine get-state sym-input #:concrete #f))
;;(pretty-display `(state ,state))
(lambda (e)
(if (equal? (exn-message e) "solve: no satisfying execution found")
(raise e)))])
(solve (send simulator interpret encoded-code state))))
(define t1 (current-seconds))
(pretty-display "Finish adjusting memory config.")
(define t2 (current-seconds))
(pretty-display `(t ,(- t2 t1)))
(define const-range
(for/vector ([i (sub1 random-input-bit)]) (arithmetic-shift 1 i)))
(define const-range-len (vector-length const-range))
(define (rand-func #:min [min-v #f] #:max [max-v #f] #:const [const #f])
[const const]
[(and min-v max-v) (random-from-list (range min-v (add1 max-v)))]
(let* ([rand (random (min 4294967087 (<< 1 random-input-bit bit)))]
[half (arithmetic-shift
(min 4294967087 (<< 1 random-input-bit bit))
;; (if (>= rand (<< 1 (sub1 bit)))
;; (- rand (<< 1 bit))
(if (>= rand half)
(- half rand)
(define (rand-from-const #:min [min-v #f] #:max [max-v #f] #:const [const #f])
[const const]
[(and min-v max-v) (random-from-list (range min-v (add1 max-v)))]
[else (vector-ref const-range (random const-range-len))]
(define (generate-input-states-fast n spec assumption #:db [db #f])
(define m (if db n (quotient (add1 n) 2)))
(define inputs-random
(for/list ([i m]) (send machine get-state rand-func)))
(define inputs-random-const
(for/list ([i (- n m)]) (send machine get-state rand-from-const)))
(define inputs (append inputs-random inputs-random-const))
(define pass
([exn:fail? (lambda (e) #f)])
(for ([input inputs])
(assume input assumption)
(send simulator interpret spec input))
(and pass inputs)
(define/public (generate-input-states-slow n spec assumption #:db [db #f] #:raw [raw #f])
(when debug
(pretty-display `(generate-inputs-inner ,n ,assumption ,random-input-bit)))
(current-bitwidth bit)
(define start-state (send machine get-state sym-input #:concrete #f))
(define sols (list))
(define first-solve #t)
(define (loop [extra #t] [count n])
;;(pretty-display `(loop ,extra ,n))
(define (assert-extra-and-interpret)
;; Assert that the solution has to be different.
(assert extra)
(assume start-state assumption)
(interpret spec start-state)
(define sol (solve (assert-extra-and-interpret)))
;;(pretty-display `(state ,start-state))
(define restrict-pairs (solution->list sol))
(set! first-solve #f)
(unless (empty? restrict-pairs)
(set! sols (cons sol sols))
(when (> count 1)
(and extra (ormap (lambda (x) (not (equal? (car x) (cdr x)))) restrict-pairs))
(sub1 count)))))
(lambda (e)
(if (equal? (exn-message e) "solve: no satisfying execution found")
(if first-solve
(raise "Cannot construct valid inputs.")
(when debug (pretty-display "no more!")))
(raise e)))])
(define const-range
;; (- (arithmetic-shift 1 (sub1 random-input-bit)))
(for/vector ([i (sub1 random-input-bit)]) (arithmetic-shift 1 i)))
(define const-range-len (vector-length const-range))
(define (generate-one-input random-f)
(for/list ([v sym-vars])
(let ([val (random-f)])
(cons v val)))))
(define sym-vars (get-sym-vars start-state))
(define m (if db n (quotient (add1 n) 2)))
;; Random
(define input-random (for/list ([i m]) (generate-one-input rand-func)))
;; Random in const list
(define input-random-const (for/list ([i (- n m)]) (generate-one-input rand-from-const)))
(define inputs (append input-random input-random-const))
;; (when debug
;; (pretty-display "Test simulate with symbolic inputs...")
;; (assume start-state assumption)
;; (interpret spec start-state)
;; (pretty-display "Passed!"))
;; Construct cnstr-inputs.
(define cnstr-inputs (list))
(for ([sol sols])
(define restrict-pairs (list))
(set! first-solve #f)
(for ([pair (solution->list sol)])
;; Filter only the ones that matter.
(when (hash-has-key? (car inputs) (car pair))
(set! restrict-pairs (cons pair restrict-pairs))))
(unless (empty? restrict-pairs)
(set! cnstr-inputs (cons restrict-pairs cnstr-inputs))))
(set! cnstr-inputs (list->vector cnstr-inputs))
(define cnstr-inputs-len (vector-length cnstr-inputs))
(when debug (pretty-display `(cnstr-inputs ,cnstr-inputs-len ,cnstr-inputs)))
;; Modify inputs with cnstr-inputs
(when (> cnstr-inputs-len 0)
(for ([i n]
[input inputs])
(let ([cnstr-input (vector-ref cnstr-inputs (modulo i cnstr-inputs-len))])
(for ([pair cnstr-input])
(hash-set! input (car pair) (cdr pair))))))
(if raw
(for/list ([input inputs])
(let ([sol (sat (make-immutable-hash (hash->list input)))])
(for/list ([input inputs])
(let ([sol (sat (make-immutable-hash (hash->list input)))])
(evaluate-state start-state sol)))))
;; Generate input states.
(define (generate-input-states n spec assumption #:db [db #f])
(pretty-display "Generate inputs (fast).")
(define states (generate-input-states-fast n spec assumption #:db db))
[states states]
(pretty-display "Generate inputs (slow).")
(generate-input-states-slow n spec assumption #:db db)]))
;; Returns a counterexample if spec and program are different.
;; Otherwise, returns false.
(define (counterexample spec program constraint
#:assume [assumption (send machine no-assumption)])
;;(pretty-display (format "solver = ~a" (current-solver)))
(when (and debug printer)
(pretty-display `(counterexample ,bit))
(pretty-display `(spec))
(send printer print-syntax (send printer decode spec))
(pretty-display `(program))
(send printer print-syntax (send printer decode program))
(pretty-display `(constraint ,constraint))
(pretty-display `(assumption ,assumption))
(current-bitwidth bit)
(define start-state (send machine get-state sym-input #:concrete #f))
(define spec-state #f)
(define program-state #f)
(define (interpret-spec!)
(set! spec-state
(if (procedure? spec)
(spec start-state) ;; TODO: handle assumption
(interpret-spec spec start-state assumption)))
(define (compare)
(set! program-state (send simulator interpret program start-state spec-state))
(assert-state-eq spec-state program-state constraint)
(lambda (e)
(when debug (pretty-display "program-eq? SAME"))
(if (equal? (exn-message e) "verify: no counterexample found")
(raise e)))])
(let ([model (verify #:assume (interpret-spec!) #:guarantee (compare))])
(when debug (pretty-display "program-eq? DIFF"))
(let ([state (evaluate-state start-state model)])
;; Return live-in in progstate format.
;; live-out: progstate format
;; extra: extra information
(define (get-live-in code live-out)
;;(pretty-display `(live-out ,live-out))
(define in-state (send machine get-state sym-input #:concrete #f))
(define out-state (interpret code in-state))
(define vec-live-out (send machine progstate->vector live-out))
(define vec-input (send machine progstate->vector in-state))
(define vec-output (send machine progstate->vector out-state))
;;(pretty-display `(in-state ,in-state))
(define live-list (list))
(define (collect-sym pred x)
[(is-a?* x memory-rosette%) ;; TODO: treat all memory update to be live.
(define init (filter pair? (vector->list (get-field* init x))))
(define update (filter pair? (vector->list (get-field* update x))))
(set! live-list (append (map car init) (map cdr init) live-list))
(set! live-list (append (map car update) (map cdr update) live-list))]
[(is-a?* x queue-in-rosette%) (void)]
[(is-a?* x queue-out-rosette%)
(define queue (vector->list (get-field* queue x)))
(set! live-list (append queue live-list))]
[(boolean? pred)
;; (pretty-display `(collect-sym ,pred ,x))
(when pred (set! live-list (cons x live-list))
;; (pretty-display `(add ,(symbolics x)))
[(number? pred)
(for ([p pred] [i x])
(collect-sym #t i))]
[(pair? x)
(collect-sym (car pred) (car x))
(collect-sym (cdr pred) (cdr x))]
(for ([p pred] [i x]) (collect-sym p i))]))
;; (pretty-display `(vec-input ,vec-input))
;; (pretty-display `(vec-output ,vec-output))
;; (pretty-display `(vec-live-out ,vec-live-out))
(collect-sym vec-live-out vec-output)
(define live-terms (list->set (symbolics live-list)))
;; (pretty-display `(vec-input ,vec-input))
;;(pretty-display `(live-terms ,(set->list live-terms)))
(define (extract-live pred x)
;;(pretty-display `(extract-live ,pred ,x ,(is-a?* x special%) ,(is-a? x memory-rosette%)))
[(number? pred)
(define index 0)
(for ([ele x]
[i (vector-length x)])
(when (set-member? live-terms ele) (set! index (add1 i))))
[(number? x)
(if (term? x)
(set-member? live-terms x)
[(and (vector? x) (vector? pred))
(for/vector ([i x] [p pred]) (extract-live p i))]
[(vector? x)
(for/or ([i x]) (extract-live pred i))]
;; [(vector? x)
;; (for/vector ([i x]) (extract-live pred i))]
;; [(boolean? pred) ;;(pretty-display `(return ,pred))
;; pred]
[(pair? x)
(cons (extract-live (car pred) (car x))
(extract-live (cdr pred) (cdr x)))]
[(list? x)
(for/list ([i x] [p pred]) (extract-live p i))]
;;[(is-a?* x special%) #t]
[(is-a?* x memory-rosette%)
(or pred (not (empty? (symbolics (get-field* init x)))))]
[(is-a?* x queue-in-rosette%) #t]
[(is-a?* x queue-out-rosette%) pred]
[else pred]
(send machine vector->progstate (extract-live vec-live-out vec-input)))
;; Assert that state1 and state2 are equal where pred is #t.
;; state1, state2, & pred: progstate format
(define (assert-state-eq state1 state2 pred)
(define (inner state1 state2 pred)
;;(pretty-display `(assert-eq ,pred ,state1 ,state2))
[(and pred (is-a?* state1 memory-rosette%))
(assert (equal? (get-field* update state1)
(get-field* update state2)))]
[(and pred (or (is-a?* state1 queue-in-rosette%)
(is-a?* state2 queue-out-rosette%)))
(assert (equal? (get-field* queue state1)
(get-field* queue state2)))]
[(equal? pred #t)
(for*/all ([i state2])
(assert (equal? state1 i)))
[(equal? pred #f)
(for/and ([i pred]
[s1 state1]
[s2 state2])
(inner s1 s2 i))])
(inner state1 state2 pred)
;; Evaluate symbolic progstate to concrete progstate based on solution 'sol'.
(define (evaluate-state state sol)
(define sol-list (solution->list sol))
(define sol-hash (make-hash sol-list))
(define sym-vars (get-sym-vars state))
(for ([var sym-vars])
(unless (hash-has-key? sol-hash var)
(set! sol-list (cons (cons var 0) sol-list))))
(set! sol (sat (make-immutable-hash sol-list)))
;;(pretty-display `(sol ,sol))
(define-syntax-rule (eval x model)
(let ([ans (evaluate x model)])
;;(pretty-display `(eval ,x ,ans))
(define-syntax-rule (concretize x)
(if (term? x) 0 x))
(define (inner x)
;;(pretty-display `(inner ,x))
[(vector? x) (for/vector ([i x]) (inner i))]
[(list? x) (for/vector ([i x]) (inner i))]
[(pair? x) (cons (inner (car x)) (inner (cdr x)))]
[(is-a? x special%)
(send x create-concrete (lambda (x) (inner (eval x sol))))]
[else (concretize x)]))
(define ret
(inner (eval state sol)))
;;(pretty-display `(ret ,ret))
;; Get all symbolic variables in state.
;; state: progstate format
(define (get-sym-vars state)
(define lst (list))
(define (add x)
(when (term? x)
(set! lst (cons x lst))))
(define (inner x)
[(or (list? x) (vector? x))
(for ([i x]) (inner i))]
[(pair? x)
(inner (car x)) (inner (cdr x))]
[(is-a? x memory-rosette%) (inner (get-field init x))]
[(is-a? x queue-in-rosette%) (inner (get-field init x))]
[(is-a? x queue-out-rosette%) (inner (get-field queue x))]
[else (add x)]))
(define converted (send machine progstate->vector state))
(inner converted)
(set->list (list->set (symbolics lst)))