Bridges Trixology's WeatherCat to mosquitto (MQTT) publish
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Bridges Trixology's WeatherCat to mosquitto (MQTT) publish.

Created by: Mangrove Mike (Michael Barwell) October 2012

The Applescript will run on OSX (sort of obviously) which is the only OS for WeatherCat ( .

This simple Applescript accesses the WeatherCat Applescript interface and runs through each WeatherCat channel which is then published to a MQTT server.

Subsequent updates to value of the WeatherCat channel are also published.

It uses mosquitto_pub to publish the stream. By replacing the 'do shell' call to mosquitto the routine can be used to feed any OS command.

To run this code:

  1. Make sure you have WeatherCat up and running and talking to your weather station
  2. Open Applications --> Utilities --> AppleScript Editor
  3. Open the file weathercat_mqtt_publish.scp
  4. Alter the script for your MQTT server and topic
  5. 'Run'

Subscribe to the topics you are publishing to and write some funky code to do something with it. Try some python, perl and especially Arduino to monitor the world.

Extra Info

The list of channels is in the WeatherCat User manual (

For more details about mosquitto head to . Also make sure you also check out .

If you want to install mosquitto on your Mac checkout brew ( and then install brew.

From there install Mosquitto

brew install mosquitto

This will install the mosquitto server and clients.


Special thanks for invention, development, ongoing support and porting for mqtt and mosquitto to:

  • Andy Stanford-Clark
  • Roger Light
  • Andy Piper
  • Nicholas O'Leary