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I don't own the portraits, so I don't release under an open license.

To compile the project you have to add the following assets in this folder:

  • andersen_portraits_2014/anais_tonelli.jpg
  • andersen_portraits_2014/arianna_zuppello.jpg
  • andersen_portraits_2014/bruno_zocca.jpg
  • andersen_portraits_2014/daniele_castellano.jpg
  • andersen_portraits_2014/francesca_consalvo.jpg
  • andersen_portraits_2014/giorgia_marras.jpg
  • andersen_portraits_2014/jacopo_oliveri.jpg
  • andersen_portraits_2014/letizia_iannaccone.jpg
  • andersen_portraits_2014/luca_tagliafico.jpg
  • andersen_portraits_2014/matilde_martinelli.jpg
  • andersen_portraits_2014/olga_tranchini.jpg
  • andersen_portraits_2014/silvia_venturi.jpg
  • andersen_portraits_2014/stefano_tirasso.jpg
  • andersen_portraits_2014/marco_bassi.jpg
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