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Asp.net_MVC5_DDD_EF6_IoC C# MVC5, EF6, DDD, IoC

This a DDD project made in Asp.Net in C# using MVC 5, EF6 and Ninject as IoC. In this project is possible to verify implementations of:

  • Generic repository pattern with Unit of Work.
  • Programming to interfaces.
  • SOLID Principles:
  • Single responsibility principle => In C# and JavaScript (using patterns) each classes has one only reason to change.
  • Open close principle => the use of the factory design pattern in RecipeMs.Infra.ImportData is a way of implementing it.
  • Liskov principle => Good encapsulation examples.
  • Interface segregation principle => the interfaces are short, there is no "no implemented" exception is better seen in RecipeMs.Application.
  • Dependency inversion => Use of Ninject to inject dependencies for the classes relies on abstractions and not in concrete classes.
  • JavaScript pattern of module and revealing prototype to produce encapsulation use it more like object oriented programming .
  • Bootstrap 3, CSS 3 and HTML5.
  • Custom Json serialization.
  • Generic entities.
  • Separate of concerns in specific layers.
  • Domain => the system core, do not depend of any one. Has entities and services. (DDD).
  • Data => concrete implementations of the data access.
  • Application=> connection between presentation devices with the domain layer.
  • Common => general utilities.
  • Ioc => Dependency injection implementation.
  • ImportData => external connection to domain services.
  • Entity framework 6
  • Migrations and code first.
  • Fluent api instead annotations in the entities to separate the concerns even further. Data model is responsibility of the data layer.
  • Deal with the Entity Framework convention and customize it.
  • MVC 5.
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