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RF24 library for WIRING #12

jjkwang opened this Issue · 0 comments

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Hi, I have a Wring mini v1.0 board(atmega128). I want to use nRF24L01 modules with your RF24 library. But I can't complie the sketch. There are several errors following:

In file included from C:\Program Files\Wiring\libraries\RF24/RF24.h:18,
error: C:\Program Files\Wiring\libraries\RF24/RF24_config.h:28: error: 'HardwareSPI' does not name a type
C:\Program Files\Wiring\libraries\RF24/RF24_config.h:54: error: multiple types in one declaration
C:\Program Files\Wiring\libraries\RF24/RF24_config.h:54: error: declaration does not declare anything

Please let me know how can I modify RF24 library.

Thanks in advance,

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