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@@ -20,7 +20,18 @@ of the distribution into the 'libraries' folder under your sketchbook. For
example, my sketchbook is at /home/maniacbug/Source/Arduino, so this
library is in /home/maniacbug/Source/Arduino/libraries/StandardCplusplus .
-Be sure to reset your Arduino IDE after using it.
+Be sure to reset your Arduino IDE after installing it.
+## How do I try it out?
+From the Arduino IDE, navigate the menus to:
+File > Examples > StandardCplusplus > string\_vector
+Upload that, set your serial monitor to 57600 baud, and check the output.
+## How do I learn more?
+The web is your friend. []( is my personal favorite reference.
## Which versions does it work with?

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