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Using Contiki on Zigduino


First, get your system and your nodes set up. See Using:Setup.


Second, make sure everything is working. See Using:Troubleshooting.

Command Shell

The shell is a very powerful feature of Contiki. Within this OS lies a fully-featured command shell. See Using:Shell.

Sensor Collection

Contiki includes a rich toolset for collecting and viewing sensor data. See Using:Sensors.

Remote Actuation

Once we can get data from nodes, now we want to control them. See Using:Actuation.

Use SLIP to Connect to Ethernet

Contiki uses SLIP to bridge the wireless IPv6 network onto a PC via a USB connection. With one Zigduino plugged into your PC, traffic from the wireless nodes can reach your site-wide Ethernet network and potentially beyond. See Using:SLIP.

Inspecting Nodes with the Webserver

From a PC on our network, we want to view a web page served up by any node on our wireless IP network. See Using:Webserver.

Make HTTP Requests

From our nodes, we can make HTTP requests to servers on our network. See Using:HTTP

Digging Deep into RPL

The RPL protocol is on by default for all avr-zigduino apps. To learn more about how it's working, see Using:RPL.

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