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This project is abandoned so please don't use it for new projects

The internet gallery based on CakePHP and Bootstrap, both licensed under MIT license. is also licensed under MIT license - please read file. is complete internet gallery as a web/social media portal with functionality like:

  1. file upload
  2. news
  4. forum
  5. moderator’s panel
  6. private messages


All you need is to meet CakePHP requirements that you can find at CakePHP 2.X website. Please note that uses only MySQL database.


The procedure seems to be complicated but don’t give up :) - it is easy, very easy.

  1. Download and copy all contents to your web server to your desired location.
  2. Create MySQL database (if you don’t have one) and import DB.sql file.
  3. Provide your database details in app/Config/database.php
  4. Configure cron jobs (as php files): 4.1. cron_DG.php file should run once everyday between 1 and 2 am, 4.2. cron_PT.php file should run once every Monday between 1 and 2 am.
  5. Configure your domain to point to app/webroot.
  6. Chmod 777 app/tmp folder.
  7. Create and chmod 777 folders: 7.1. app/webroot/img/avatars 7.2. app/webroot/img/dg 7.3. app/webroot/img/news 7.4. app/webroot/img/photos 7.5. app/webroot/img/works 7.6. app/webroot/img/works/minis/mini 7.7. app/webroot/img/works/minis/supermini
  8. Add some categories to va_categories table in MySQL database.
  9. Go to you website and register as user and in database change level of this user to ‘4’ (you will be the administrator).
  10. Change mail settings in app/Controller/UsersController.php - line: 269.
  11. Make some changes in design, menu etc. - the sky is the limit.


If you are interested to develop this project, you are more than welcome. Just write to us

Support, Contact & Web

Everything you can find at


[Abandoned] Free of use, the best internet gallery!




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