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valores = [50.70,1.80,121.37,100.00,3887.42,248.17,5650.31,702.00,556.90,54.77,2612.55,2414.05,1077.80,2612.55,47.90,535.56,1157.83,3116.31,250.00,780.00,1799.26,1732.09,2468.94,2612.55,715.50,550.00,600.00,890.52,1714.31,1714.61,150.35,2499.70,477.00,90.00,100.00,2412.12,3348.36,2612.55,47.00]
somas = []
for valor1 in valores:
for valor2 in valores:
somas.append(valor1 + valor2)
for valor in somas:
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